One of my most favorite things ever as well as my favorite band ever are the Gorillaz. I really started to listen to them in sophomore year of high school and have obsessed ever since. They have eight albums with a ninth coming out next month (Gorillaz, G-Sides, Demon Days, D-Sides, Plastic Beach, The Fall, Humanz, The Now Now, Song Machine Season 1, and the upcoming Cracker Island). My favorite is Plastic Beach but from the singles from Cracker Island they’ve released (Cracker Island, New Gold, Baby Queen, Skinny Ape, and Silent Running) it may just take the number one spot from Plastic Beach. Gorillaz is lovechild from singer and songwriter Damon Albarn and the artwork of Jamie Hewlett. The four virtual members are featured in the image above. From left to right (2D, vocals)(Murdoc, guitarist)(Noodle, bass)(Russel, drums). My favorite is 2D. These virtual members really shine in their artwork and music videos.

My favorite song from them would have to be one of their newest singles, New Gold. Bootie Brown and Tame Impala also have features on this song which elevate it even more. But Plastic Beach (my favorite album) also has so many good songs that are on different levels than New Gold but we aren’t gonna talk about that right now.

Gorillaz and the creators (From left to right) Jamie Hewlett, Noodle, Murdoc, 2D, Russel, Damon Albarn

Cracker Island will be releasing on February 24th. They announced this album back in the summer. It was criminal of them to announce a release date so far away but they’ve been dropping one song from the album each month to hold us back. They just started to tease their next song Silent Running which will be releasing on January 27th. I plan on getting the deluxe version of the album on vinyl for my vinyl collection where I already have all of their other albums on vinyl. You can find the information and links to their music, merch, and news at their website right here https://www.gorillaz.com/


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