Kai Cenat III is a Haitian and Trinidad Youtuber and currently the most subscribed twitch streamer. Kai was born December 16, 2001, in Bronx, New York. Kai started his career on YouTube in 2017, began making pranks and challenges, such as ding-dong ditch and pranking his family. As well as uploading comedy skits on Instagram and Facebook, his skits revolved around the New York culture and comedy that the youth can relate to

Kai’s first YouTube Video
Kai’s Instagram/ Facebook Comedy skits


Kai has made quite a name for himself massively through the years and grown his following on social media. Kai now daily streams on Twitch and uploads about once every other week on his YouTube. Kai can stream up to three hours on average, 6 hours when he is streaming with other creators like BruceDropemoff and YourRage, or hosts 24 hours stream where he does live events and has special guests. Kai’s stream is usually just chatting with his audience and guest that he has live like 21 Savage, Lil Baby, and more. Or on other days, Kai reacts to videos on YouTube and plays variety of games such as GTA V and NBA2K. Kai’s first stream was February 2, 2021, and he already had 5,000 followers which most came from his YouTube channel. By the end of the month his follower count on Twitch grew to 20,000. Kai grew so much on Twitch because people love his extroverted, high-energy personality. You are guaranteed to have a laugh on his stream because you don’t know what to expect, like the one time he got sturdy in the shower or had a Mexican Mariachi band show up on his room.

Kai has Mexican Mariachi Band on stream
Kai’s funniest moment on stream

Kai Continued…

Kai Cenat’s brand on social media is being himself, he does not put up a front to look cool, or act like someone he’s not. Kai is an open believer of God; he talks about how he prays before every stream and hopes for the best. Kai also preaches a lot about the positive things in life like being able to be in the position to take care of his family, he recently bought his mom and family a house in New York. It is the actions like these that makes people like and support Kai, he is not afraid of being himself and speaking about what’s on his mind.

When Kai became Number 1 Twitch Streamer
Kai bought his mom a House!


Kai Cenat has a total of 4.53 million subscribers on YouTube with a total of 403 million views out of his 913 videos on his two channels. The main account has 3.19 million subscribers, and his second channel has 1.36 million subscribers. On his main channel be uploads videos about his life and what he will be doing that day, like on one video he surprised Kyrie Irving with streaming equipment, or other days he is doing pranks like a fake producer prank on rapper A-Boogie. Kai uploads twice a month on his main channel, his main channel is mainly entertaining content that people would usually find on YouTube and Videos that he goes out in real life and create. On his second channel, Kai uploads clips of the recent streams that took place, he does not upload real videos on his second channel, it is the page where his viewers that missed his stream. Kai interacts with his fans mostly on his second channel the most because the viewers will watch those clips and give insight on what they would want to see next.

Kai Suprises Kyrie Irving
Fake producer prank on ABOOGIE


Kai has a total of 3.35 million followers on Twitch and the top ranked streamer with 86,830 active subs on twitch. This is a shocking milestone because he started streaming last year 2021 and he has the top sub counts with the second ranked streamer, XQC, 16,605 subs below him at 75,225. On Twitch, Kai goes live and chats with his chat, this is where he builds that bond with his fanbase and really connect. Kai talks about how his life is going and people give their inputs through the chat or by donating. On Twitch, viewers can donate to the streamer to make a comment on stream, most of the donations are hilarious and really brings the viewer together because it makes more people want to donate and give their input. Kai also hosts guest to come on his stream such as Blueface, NLE Choppa, Ice Spice and more random guest that you would not expect. When Kai brings a guest over there is always something bound to happen. Like when Blueface’s girlfriend put a hole in the wall of his room, or when he lost $20,000 to 21 Savage in NBA2K. Kai Cenat also “Boys Night” occasionally on Fridays or random days of the week, which is an event where streamers YOURRAGE and BRUCEDROPEMOFF host a stream together on discord and they have fun and grow together. They play games and chat with their own chats and do random events that involve the fans such as polls and questionnaire games. Kai Cenat goes live randomly depending on his schedule, some weeks he may stream four days of the week, other weeks he may stream two days of the week, but he makes sure to at least stream once a week. The fans interact with him the most on Twitch because there is a real-time conversation, many people put their comments in the chat and others prefer donating so their message can be read out loud and heard.

Kai Cenat donations


Kai has 2.5 million followers on his Instagram and a total of 16 posts. Kai uploads on Instagram about once a month about a special moment, most of his phots are moments of his life that needed to be photographed, like when he met Kyrie Irving in real life for the first time, or when he bought his mom a house, and other are him flexing on Instagram in a nice exotic car and chain. Kai does not really engage with his fans on Instagram, he uploads one photo once a month and no more than that. Although, on his stories he uploads the times when he is currently live on twitch or when he has uploaded a video on YouTube

Digital Footprint

When I googled Kai Cenat, I found a lot of information about who he is and his profession, his YouTube channel was first to pop up, following his Instagram, and the rest of his socials. The images that showed up were mostly screenshots of his streams, his recent interviews that he was a part of, or moments of his YouTube videos. Kai Cenat digital footprint is appropriate for his brand, there isn’t nothing negative that shows up around him or anything that he was involved in. You will only find information on what he does and his socials, he has a clean and appropriate digital footprint. Kai’s presence on social media is a funny guy who enjoys entertaining the youth in his own creative way. Kai is really striving to on being consistent on his goal as a content creator and uploading quality content that people would want to see. Kai also motivates his friends and fans to follow their goals, that’s what makes his fans truly support him. They all want each other to win. I recommend for Kai to upload more content on YouTube to grow more diverse fans, he uploaded mainly his twitch clips. In my opinion, he is already growing at a fast rate, but his fans would really appreciate if he uploaded at least once a week or four times a month like other creators. I would improve Kai’s digital footprint by encouraging him to use marketing platforms to grow his accounts on social media. If Kai had the platform that can promote his brand and streams on all social media platforms, his Twitch streams and YouTube subscriber count will definitely increase.



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