Case Study #3 – Blog Analysis


For this analysis I chose a lifestyle and travel blog called “anchoredteapot”. I was impressed by the photos on author Amy Louise’s blog as well as the digestability and consistency of her content. From skincare reviews, travel journals, baking recipes to outfits, Amy seems to have established a solid brand. The blog has been posting consistently since 2014 and over 32,000 hits.

Web Address:


The header of this blog is a photo of a sunlit castle with “Amy Louise” in the center, above a subheading giving a short idea of the blog’s topic; “Lifestyle|Travel|Fashion”. Amy self-describes as a “30-something Northerner” who enjoys exploring, baking, coffee and tea, cafes and bars. There is a photo of her enjoying a meal below her bio as well as links to her other social media accounts. On the contact page, there is an email provided for brand collaborations and business inquiries. There she lists what other brands she has worked with in the past. In the right sidebar, her latest Instagram posts are embedded along with additional social media links.

The layout is simple and aesthetically pleasing. The drop down menu below the header contains a menu consisting of a home page, about page, contact information, a baking tab that drops right down to recipes, and a travel tab that drops down to her different travel diaries. Additionally, you can browse posts by category by using the drop down category menu under the Instagram widget. Each of these posts features several photos and finishes with various other social media handles to follow her at.

Part of a swiss roll recipe.
Blog header

In the travel tab, each travel diary gives a description of the destination and what Louise liked and disliked about it. She includes several photos of the location and some of her there in each post. She ends with whether or not she would recommend the destination and once again her social media links. The footer does not contain any content.


Anchoredteapot is a blog mostly about baking, travel, fashion, beauty, skincare and the occasional film or musical review. Some more personal posts about keeping a routine, lifting spirits and self-care are sprinkled into the mix as well. Most posts are a few paragraphs long and contain more than one photo. No photographer is credited; it looks like all photos except ones of Amy herself are taken by her. One thing I like about Amy’s posts is how she ends them all with a question for her readers, an easy way to get them to engage and learn more about your audience. The titles of the blog entries are tell you exactly what you’re going to get. I wouldn’t say the titles are particularly creative or eye-catching, but you do get exactly what you clicked for. There isn’t a top posts plugin on this blog, but most posts receive at least a few comments and likes, but not many shares to other social media sites. As far as what the content is lacking, I think that the fashion and lifestyle aspect of this blog could use more than outfit-of-the-day photos. I would be more engaged in the fashion aspect of this blog if there was more content about clothes and fashion, maybe reviews or favorites like Amy has done about skincare products. I do not see much in the lifestyle category that is not already covered by another category. Furthermore, I think the travel diaries could go more in depth to grab the reader’s interest. The photos and the honest review are nice, but they weren’t super interesting.


I think Anchoredteapot has done a very good job at establishing a brand image, and has a consistently clean and simple aesthetic making her blog easy to read and navigate. She takes great photos of her travels and pastries, and the recipes are written out nicely. I think the shining star of this blog is the recipe posts. The one thing I would say I wished there was more of on this blog is variety and detail. The only media content featured in this blog are photos, but she does have a Youtube channel. Embedding some Youtube videos on the blog would be a great way to keep an audience engaged across multiple platforms. Perhaps this blog is not my personal teapot, but Anchoredteapot is very successful in creating quick, clean and digestible content that has clearly attracted an audience.

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