Overview of Drake’s Social Media

Who is Drake?

Aubrey “Drake” Graham is a Canadian singer, rapper, producer, songwriter, and actor. Drake initially gained popularity as an actor starring in in Degrassi: The Next Generation from 2001 to 2009. After releasing his mix tape, Room for Improvement, he left Degrassi in order to pursue his music career. After releasing two new independent albums, Comeback Season and So Far Gone, he signed with Young Money Entertainment in June of 2009. Drake released his debut studio album Thank Me Later in 2010 which went number one in the United States Billboard 200 and went certified platinum.

Image result for drake on degrassi
Drake (in the wheelchair) starring as Jimmy Brooks in Degrassi

Drake maintains his fame and popularity by frequently releasing music and signing endorsement deals with large companies such as Apple and Nike/Jordan. Drake has created multiple commercials with apple and created multiple Air Jordan shoes with his signature on it. Some sneakers that Drake has released include his own special takes on the Air Jordan 8, Air Jordan 10, and the Air Jordan 12.

In 2018 Drake released the song Gods Plan where he received one million dollars for the music video budget. The music video was clips of him giving out all of the money. The lyrics talk about fame and fate however the deeper message was to just take what life gives you and run with it.

Social Media Presence

Analysis and Evaluation


Drake’s YouTube channel has 19.7 million subscribers and over 7 billion views. All of the videos posted to the channel are music videos with the exception of two. One of those videos are of a podcast and the other is a trailer to a documentary that he is in called Top Boy.

Two of Drake’s videos have over one billion views each. Music video “Hotline Bling” having 1.6 billion views and “Gods Plan” having 1.1 billion. Hotline bling, in addition to being a hit song, had clips of Drake dancing in a humorous way and fans decided to create internet memes from some of the clips. This caused the video to gain lots of new viewers that were eager to see the real video.

Picture of Drake’s dancing in Hotline Bling

Drake’s most recent videos is of the podcast “Rap Radar” and “War” a new single. In the podcast Drake spoke about how he just wanted to be remotely as important as his mentor (Lil Wayne). He also spoke about drama with other rappers and his relationship with singer Rihanna. Many things were said in the two hour podcast and drake also posted an Instagram picture with caption “don’t worry, they’ll see me again” hinting at plans to make another podcast.


Drake’s Facebook page is largely used as a marketing tool. He will post show schedules and album release dates. Any project that Drake is looking to promote he will put it on Facebook as well as any brand deals that he is getting where he has to promote a product.

Drake promoting a tour around Europe on his Facebook page

No real effort is made to directly communicate with fans on Facebook. Facebook is only used for drake to promote albums, singles, and events. There is one post where drake posts a link to a fundraising meetup where people had to pay $10 in order to meet Drake and all the proceeds went to charity. Even though there is no direct engagement with fans on the page, there is still several hundreds of comments from fans on each post. The comments are ranging from complementing him on his music, giving congratulations on different awards he has won, or even people just saying how he think he is a great person because of how charitable he is.

Some of the comments than can be seen under one of Drakes Facebook post

There are no text-only posts available on the Facebook page. All of the posts are either photos, videos, or links to other pages. Some of the videos that can be seen on the Facebook page can include trailers or random acts that Drake has done. One of the videos is of Drake standing up for a woman being groped at a show. In the video, Drake was on stage and he was performing when he witnessed a woman being groped against her will by a man. Drake called out the man from the stage of the club and stated that it was not okay to do that. The man was then escorted out of the building.


Drake has 62.8 million followers on Instagram. Instagram is one of his preferred methods of communication with his fans. As well as one of his most active social media platforms with over 4,900 posts. Here drake posts almost anything such as memes, daily outfits, pictures with other celebrities or athletes, advertisements, and announcements.

Fans frequently interact with the Instagram posts because it is fairly common for Drake to have over a million to around three million likes on a given photo or video. However the comments are limited to only people who Drake follow.

Drake making jokes about his Degrassi acting phase on an Instagram post

The biography section on his Instagram page is just a link to his most recent single on YouTube. The captions on each of his pictures are generally him trying to get a message out such as “Don’t compare yourself to others” or him shouting out his brand deals.


Drake has 38.8 million followers on twitter. Twitter is also one of his oldest forms of communication because his account was created on March of 2009. On Twitter he tends to do everything he does on Facebook (promote and advertise) and he also writes his own text when retweeting things. There are no text-only posts on his twitter either. Everything is accompanied by a picture, a video, or a link to another website.

The most recent original tweets by Drake himself is him “Renzi” for his directorial debut and for bringing the film to life. Other recent original tweets is of Drake promoting a Netflix series “Top Boy” which he has produced. Other retweets may include other projects that drake was involved with or other projects that his production company produced.

Comments that can be seen under Drake’s most recent twitter post.

Fans on Twitter are constantly interacting and tweeting things at Drake. However, it seems like Drake does not respond unless he personally knows the person. Most comments are complementing the him and his work but there is little to no response.

Commendations and Recommendations

Drake does an extremely good job at promoting himself and his projects. He self advertises extremely well because he uses every resource he has in order to promote his show tickets or his companies merchandise. His social media is littered with advertisements of all his music dates and his most recent projects.

In order to improve Drake’s social media presence, he would need to interact directly with individual fans. It is impossible to be able to speak to every single one of his followers directly because he has too many however, it is possible to pick a select few fans in the comment section and respond. A response would mean the world to a fan and it would increase the likelihood of them being more involved with Drakes brand in the future. Many of the comments are of fans explaining how Drake has changed their lives or that he is a role model for themselves or their kids, so a simple short response to a select few fans would mean the world to many people.


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