An introduction to Nike

Nike is a United States based multinational athletic company headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon. Nike was founded in 1964 as Blue-Ribbon Sports before officially rebranding as Nike on May 31st 1971. Nike is an athletic apparel and shoe company creating workout clothing along with sport specific equipment and footwear. The company is involved in most major sports markets and is affiliated with many of the world’s most well known athletes. The company generated over 39 billion dollars in the 2018-2019 fiscal year. (

Social Media Presence Overview






Social Media Analysis


Nike’s Official Facebook page has been liked and followed by over 33 million people. Nike has several posts on their page but is relatively inactive. Their picture is a black background with the white nike logo in the center, one which they use universally across their social media accounts. Their cover photo is a black background with their motto written in white of “just do it.” in the center of the image. Posts are sporadic often coming several months apart, with their last post coming in August of 2018. Their posts have a mix of text and pictures often about Nike’s involvement in certain high-profile events. Many of their posts are highlighting the achievements of one of their sponsored athletes or teams in their respective sports. Examples include their involvement in high profile team sporting events such as a sponsorship in Barcelona’s stadium along with congratulating the Houston Astros following Their posts have a decent amount of interaction mainly in the form of comments, many of them arguments about the companies sometimes controversial stances such as their support of NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The company has a shop linked to their Facebook page.


Nikes Instagram username is @nike , which is its universal username across its social media accounts. They use their universal profile picture of their logo in white in front of an all black background. Nike’s Instagram was 99.2 million followers while only following 54 accounts. The 54 accounts which they follow are famous athletes which they have high profile sponsorship deals with or are offshoot accounts of Nike itself. They have 759 total posts, with a lot of their posts being videos, many of them longer IGTV videos featuring several minutes long in-depth videos. Many of these IGTV posts are shorter documentary quality videos often focusing on one of the world class athletes which Nike has sponsorship deals with, but some also focus on less well-known athletes such as track and field athletes. Their posts focus on a mix of both famous and amateur athletes. One of their popular series, “Birthplace of Dreams” looks at the backstory of some of the famous athletes and their rise to stardom. They have a high level of interaction from their following, with most of their posts having hundreds of thousands or millions of likes and several thousand comments. The pages bio features its motto ‘just do it’ along with a link to the Nike website.


Like on Instagram Nike’s twitter handle is @nike. They have over 8 million followers while following only 117. They joined twitter in November of 2011. In their bio is their motto of ‘just do it.” along with a link to their website. Their profile picture is their universal logo in white on a black background which they use as their profile picture on all of their social media accounts. Their cover photo is the same as the one which they use on Facebook featuring their motto of ‘just do it.’ In white over a black background. They are relatively inactive on twitter, with their activity quite sporadic with only a few posts a month. Their posts are usually a combination of text and images or videos. Their pinned tweet is from October 12th, 2019 about one of their sponsored athletes breaking the world record by completing a marathon in under two hours. Their activity is a combination of original tweets along with retweeting content from some of their sponsored athletes such as a post by Lebron James thanking Nike for taking a chance on him when he entered the NBA. They have a decent amount of engagement on Twitter with most of their tweets having several thousand likes and many having been retweeted over a thousand times.  


Nike’s YouTube account has over 1.25 million subscribers. Their profile picture is their white logo over a black background used on its other pages. Its featured video is of a trainer explaining the way to choose the correct running shoes. Their channel description discusses their mission statement to make a positive impact in the community and to create innovations to help athletes. Their channel has a diverse variety of content. Their videos content ranges from cooking videos for athletes to workout videos. They also have documentary style videos about both professional and amateur athletes and sports programs. They post all of their IGTV videos from Instagram on their YouTube channel and also feature their ‘Birthplace of Dreams’ series on their channel. The top of their page features images of athletes and models in Nike clothing along with a link to their website and their social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Nike’s LinkedIn account features their universal profile picture along with a description of their company. They have over 2.8 million followers and over 75,000 employees. Their company is listed as a sporting goods company and their company is classified in the over 10,001 employees category. The page has a link to available jobs as well as a link to the Nike websites employment page.

Digital Footprint

When you look up Nike on google, the first result which comes up is Nike’s official website. Following Nikes website is a link to news stories about Nike along with links to their social media accounts. It also brings up links to purchase Nike products. If you use your location it brings up Nike outlets near you.

Commendations and Recommendations

Nike does a good job of having a large social media influence and presence. They do a good job of using the same profile picture across all of their social media profiles, increasing their cross-platform recognition. They also do a good job of having links to their other social media platforms on their website and social media accounts. They have had many impactful commercials often promoting social equality especially in sport. One example is a February 2019 commercial talking about the evolution of women in sport, titled ‘Dream Crazier’. Nike has been a major force in social change and their social media reflects this with videos showcasing social impacts of the company.

Nike could do a better job by becoming more active on social media. Their twitter and Instagram take a quality over quantity approach which has had positive results. The issue is with their Facebook page. Their Facebook page has not posted in almost a year and a half. Having over 30 million likes and follows makes their Facebook page a potential marketing gold mine. If they increased their Facebook activity they could have a bigger social media presence. I believe overall Nike does a good job of managing its social media presence and digital footprint.


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