Final Project

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Intro to 50 Cent:

50 Cent is an American rapper, entrepreneur, actor, television producer, investor and much more. He has a huge social media presence but his most popular is Instagram. He uses Instagram to showcase his life but he is one of the few people who engages with his audience. 50 Cent has a lot of music collaborations with other famous rappers such as Eminem, Jay Z, and Kanye West. Most recently he is known for his TV series “Power”. It has become a hit show on Starz and he is always promoting it on his social media.

Social Media Presence Overview:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

Analysis and Evaluation:


50 Cent’s Facebook page has 34 million likes. His page also has 32 million people “following” that page, so when he posts it shows up on their timeline. His Facebook has the most followers out of all his social media, and this may be due to the popularity of Facebook when it first came out and the amount of users that use Facebook in general. His posts on Facebook are not usually original posts, but posts he has copied from one of his other social media accounts. Although his posts get many likes and comments, from what I can tell he does not respond to any of them personally. His posts average around 5,000 likes and around 500 comments. The comments he receives are all positive and he does a good job at managing what he posts.


50 Cent’s Twitter page has 11.3 million followers. He has tweeted 15 thousand times and he joined in December of 2008. Just like his Facebook, his tweets and pictures are the same as his posts on Instagram. His Instagram is where he gains most of his popularity because this is where he usually posts things first. Although he is being followed by over 11 million people, he is only following 5. In his bio he only includes the name of his label, “G-Unit” and a link to the website to buy merchandise.


Instagram is 50 Cent’s most popular way of using social media. He has over 25 million followers and follows 156 people. This is where all of his posts are usually posted first, and where he gets the most feedback from fans. His Instagram comments consist of positive and negative posts, depending on the picture. Some pictures will always get negative people commenting on them, but some of his posts are directed towards other celebrities, so their fans come to his page to defend them. Sometimes other celebrities will chime in and there will most definitely be drama caused.

50 Cent is notorious for starting problems with other celebrities on Instagram, because he knows that’s where he will get the best reaction. His most popular Instagram “beef” is with Floyd Mayweather. 50 Cent and Floyd have been going back and forth on Instagram for years. It started when the Ice Bucket challenge had started and 50 Cent mockingly challenged Floyd to his own version of it. He said he would donate $100,000 to any charity of Floyd’s choosing if he could read a page out of a Harry Potter book. Floyd has been known to struggle with reading and 50 Cent mocked him publicly on this platform. Since then there have been posts from both parties mocking eachother.


50’s YouTube is mostly just music videos of songs he created or videos just with the music playing. His most popular videos date back to 10 years ago when his music was some of the most popular music being played. Nowadays, there are so many different rappers with so many different styles, it is hard for there to be just 1 that people will consistently listen to. 50 has created some classic music that will continue to live on for years to come.

Commendations and Recommendations:

50 Cent has done an exemplary job of maintaining his celebrity status. Whenever people think he is about to fall out of the picture, he comes back onto everyone’s timeline either promoting his TV series or starting drama with another celebrity. He knows what people like, and that is what keeps him relevant. His posts on Instagram are not boring, and he transfers these posts to Facebook and Twitter to keep all his social media accounts up to date with the most recent information about his life.

If I was in his shoes, I would do things a little differently. Although some of his methods for staying in the media are well thought out, others are not. When he starts drama with other notorious celebrities, he is causing that celebrities fan base to lash out on him. This could cause them to not like 50 as much and can cause many negative things to be said about him, most of the times in the comments section of his posts. When you google 50 Cent on the internet, you are met with links to his Instagram and Twitter pages, as well as articles involving his most recent scandals. For the most part he has a very good digital footprint, but if you are looking for something negative you will definitely find it.


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