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Stephen Curry Could Return On March 1 By Austin Kent is a basketball blog on the discussion of how individuals are saying the Stephen Curry could possibly return on March 1st. Although the Golden State Warriors have not finalized any decisions Marcus Thompson, who is in charge of the athletic reports discusses that this is when he will be cleared to play again. 



The general layout of Stephen Curry Could Return On March 1st, is a neatly presented athletic layout with an enlarged picture of Stephen Curry holding a basketball Vs his game with the Los Angeles Lakers. The layout uses a mixture of bright a neutral colors to appeal to the audience viewing the blog. Darker wording is used in the blog when going into more of an explanation on the topic of the blog. The header is straightforward with dark wording as well and a bright underline to attract readers. There is a combination of dark and light wording between the authors name to not take off away from the title too much. Then below there is lighter colors used to show the links between social media including twitter, facebook, and email. Under this is then where there is a picture that attracts individuals followed by information on the right side of the picture as well as below it. 

The body of the blog is split into smaller paragraphs with information on reasons why and when Stephen Curry may actually return to play. The main paragraph explains when he is supposed to be evaluated then presented with why this could be promising for him returning on March 1st. The right column has widgets about the weather, shopping, and other sports topics. While below also has widgets more related to sports. All of these are followed with links and below followed by things that I may like due to the Stephen Curry blog. 

The main column of the blog has various realtated blog posts on the same topic. All of the blog posts have links attached under them for more information on the trending blogs. The blog footer is similar but not identical to the header. The text is bright orange with also some white lettering and a black background. It has a subscribe and newsletter just below the bright orange text which is the website. Then in white wording just above the copyright at the bottom there is advertise, contact, careers, privacy policy, and terms of use evenly spread out on the footer. 


The widgets that also include tags let viewers to see more about that topic. Or even when it was posted and will even take you to the full link if you click on it. These links show you the popularity of how many times it was shared and commented on from social media and allows you to click further and give feedback of your own. The top most popular topics include Royce O’Neale Jazz extension, 2020 Nba trade deadline Primer, Karl Anthony, and Luka Doncic. All of the blog listed are followed by a bright appealing picture along with a description that catches the reader’s attention. Under the pictures of the blogs also included how long ago it was posted then shows how many times someone viewed and or interacted with that blog. The author even includes a section at the end of the blog where comments on the blog can be viewed to see further discussion and views on it. 


Stephen Curry Could Return On March 1st is eye grabbing for readers and very interesting. The blog is thoroughly written and gets to the point so the readers are not confused. I would say it is both visually appealing to the audience and contains strong word diction that is not too complicated to understand. The blog is simple to get through and is not confusing to understand in terms of each paragraph. It is written well for the audience and is informative. The layout and color was presented neatly and does not make u lose interest. With a combination of light and dark colors it keeps readers engaged and aware of the information that they are taking in. The blog was not long but still managed to make it’s point, and there was not a lot of resources about the blog itself. There tends to be a lot of posts and comments about the other blogs posted around it as well under their pictures. This blog was very simple and easy to comprehend. The author ended the blog with a bit of suspense I would say on Stephen Curry and has readers waiting to see what the final say will be for him returning. This keeps readers engaged and wanting to come back to his blogs. I would highly suggest this blog when looking for an interesting sports blog to reccomend to others.

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