Wendy’s Dominant Social Media Presence

Introduction/History to Wendy’s

Everyone knows this iconic fast food chain by the famous logo, a girl with strawberry ponytails which was named after Dave Thomas’ daughter, Wendy. The company is American International Fast Food restaurant chain that was founded by Dave Thomas on November 15,1969. In 2018, Wendy’s was the third largest fast food chain with 6,711 locations throughout the country with locations operating in 30 locations. In 2008, Wendy’s merged with Triac Companies, the parent company of Arbys, and then later became the Wendy’s company. The Fast Food chain is famous for serving squared and never frozen beef patties sea salt fries, and their Frosties. One fun fact is the company claimed the first drive thru window. Another fun fact is the founder, Dave Thomas, was adopted and has been a lifelong adoption advocate. He has made the Dave Thomas Foundation for adoption, hoping to make a difference. Wendy’s has prided itself with being the number one fast food chain in the country through making quality products. “To deliver superior quality products and services for our customers and communities through leadership, innovation and partnerships.” The mission statement describes the company’s important goal as food quality and uses three main aspects to maintain a high standard.

Social Media Presence

Wendy’s has a variety of social media platforms. This includes, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn. The company’s most famous account Twitter due to loyal followers and customer interaction.



Wendy’s Facebook page, a video describing a limited time deal for Fans and followers.

Wendy’s has 8.1 million followers while 8.4 million “liked” the fast food chain on Facebook. Wendy’s posts gifs, pictures, and videos everyday that usually highlight limited edition products or deals. The ads that were posted on the page were from TV commercials, which is considered bland and unoriginal because many companies do the same.  The one thing I did not see too much of was customer/fan interaction. There was a lot of comments on every post but some questions that were not answered by the company. I see the effort in trying to respond to the many comments, questions, or concerns but my standards were a little higher. The Facebook page also had a lot of useful tabs like reviews, jobs, careers, and about tab. This engages their audience by exploring the company and providing opportunities for their followers. 



Wendy’s Instagram had significantly less followers compared to Facebook which is 964k followers while following 63.. One reason is because there are more Facebook users than Instagram which is causing a lot of likes and follows. The tagline in the bio links a Wendy’s youtube video, promoting their spicy nuggets with a camera and burger emoji. The company posts an increased  variety of type of activity. The most common ones are memes, pictures, and gifs which appeals to a younger audience. The company posts once to twice a week that promotes their products like Frosties, baconator, or other limited time deals. The most recent posts advertise their limited time deals, 50 cent frosties which is the company’s most iconic product. Dave Thomas did believe that a whole chocolate dessert would not taste well with the meals. This is one of the reasons why there was no chocolate frosty option for a long period of time.. Personally, I love frosties especially when they are very cheap and goes well with a meal. Some recent posts also promote the baconator. The baconator is the flagship product of the company because of the size, quality, and pricing. There were a lot of comments found throughout the post which was great for the company because they knew how to respond perfectly to their customers. Many of the customers’ comments  were answered by the company. 

Example of Wendy’s customer interaction on Instagram



I noticed there was a less of a presence on this social media platform compared to Facebook and Instagram. The company joined in October 29,2005 and has 94.8 thousand followers with 29.5 million views. Their banner is the famous baconator with a mini replica of an old fashioned restaurant. The pinned video on the channel is a tabletop RPG game that customers can play using products on their menu. This became popular throughout the country after many commercials and news outlets were writing stories about the unconventional marketing strategy. Wendy’s very little social media presence can be seen in the frequency of activity, posting videos every one to two months. The latest video is a promotion, the 2 for 5 dollar deal where customers choose 2 items from a handful of items for five dollars. The other Wendys’ videos are highlighting other promotional deals customers can use for a limited time. There is little to no customer/fan interaction, this can be seen where there are many comments on each post but one or two replies from Wendys.



Wendy’s has the least presence on Linkedin compared to the other social media platforms. Their header is a good marketing strategy because one of the many things the company is known for is fresh beef patties and never frozen.There are not a lot of followers compared to other companies on LinkedIn which are 69,971 followers. The LinkedIn profile is very different compared to other social media platforms, this can be seen through their frequency and types of activity on their profile. Most of their once a week posts were centered around their mission statement and employees who make a huge difference in the company. One example is a post about a former employee who works at several high end restaurants that use to work at Wendy’s. Another post describes how the company takes pride in creating great “chef driven fast casual food”. Wendy’s also provides  business advice to their LinkedIn followers about effective strategies to help their businesses grow. The company’s posts had little to no comments, which causes no customer interaction.



This is the most known company account throughout the Twitter world. One of the reasons is because of humor and jokes found throughout the account. One reason is because it is customer and follower oriented through high customer interaction. Currently there are 3.4 million followers while following 444 people, mostly all Twitter influencers, celebrities, and athletes. Their pinned tweet is a current promotion deal, two products for five dollars, which has 834 likes and 74 retweets. Their header is promoting an RPG game called Feast of Legends where customers have to win using their products such as weapons, spells, magic, and defense. Wendy’s tweets everyday that include gifs, pictures, videos that highlight the same products being promoted on Facebook and Instagram. The famous part about the Twitter account is huge customer and fan interaction that can be seen throughout the comments on each post. Wendy’s replied to every follower’ comments with either memes or humor that gains support from other followers. The most famous example was when a follower asked the company for how many retweets in order to get free spicy nuggets for life, the company replied with 18 million retweets. The follower exceeded the goal and got free nuggets for life because of the overnight fame the story has become. Many social media platforms were talking about this story because it was incredible that Wendy’s accepted the challenge and held up their end of the deal. 

Analysis and Evaluation 

Wendy’s social media platforms are very different compared to each other. Each platform is trying to convey different aspects and goals of the company through a variety of marketing strategies. This strategy is essentially trying to cater to different audiences’ needs on social media platforms. One thing the company is doing great is constantly promoting and advertising their product through social media. The themes throughout the different platforms brought a friendly and open feeling towards myself and other users, making them very approachable on the internet. I think this appropriate because the company is trying to create a unique and positive experience for their followers and fans. Wendy’s is also trying to maintain a dominant social media presence by making the most out of it. The company is using humor directed towards people and competition to promote their products and try to increase their fanbase. In order to maintain a dominant social media presence, the company needs to make content that is relatable and engaging to followers and fans. 

Digital Footprint

The first result  that appeared when I googled Wendy’s was their official website. The first result also had other links that included their menu, app, a login option for a Wendy’s account, and a link that goes to their story about how the company started. The second result was a map of Wendy’s restaurants nearby where I live. The third result was top stories about Wendy’s and their competition, one example was a story about how Burger King tried to “burn” Wendy’s but backfired horribly. The fourth and fifth results were links to their social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. 

Commendations and Recommendations

One thing the company is doing well maintaining an exceptional audience interaction through funny and humorous comments. This is one of the reasons why Wendy’s seem very approachable and friendly on the Internet. The company is doing well with their marketing strategy. Wendy’s have used unconventional and positive methods in promoting their products which is considered unique, causing many followers and fans to become engaged in the comments. These comments are mostly supporting Wendy’s captions and products by giving great reviews or jokes. Their LinkedIn account really impressed me because it was more aligned with their mission statement rather than expecting the same content from Twitter and Instagram. I was extremely impressed with the overall presence with all of their platforms except Youtube and Facebook. Their Facebook and Youtube accounts seemed neglected compared to Twitter and Instagram. They need to improve follower interaction because that’s where most people have comments, concerns, or questions about their products. Their Youtube account is bland and unoriginal because of the videos showing TV ads. The company should try to advertise their products through unreleased videos that wouldn’t be TV ads. 

In my opinion, Wendy’s has maintained a consistent and dominant social media presence. If the company keeps maintaining a dominant presence, it will increase their customer base and fans. There are articles highlighting Wendy’s social media presence and how their marketing strategies work effectively. 







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