Case Study #3

The blog which I read was called Scuba Diving in the Maldives by an author named Justin. The blog itself was called Eating Snow Around the World. The blog was about the author’s scuba diving trip to the Maldives. The web address is

Blog Homepage

The blog had a simple yet appealing layout. The design of the page was relatively simple with a mostly white background and black text. The top of the page had a featured picture of a diver on a shipwreck from the trip. The title of the blog ‘Scuba Diving in the Maldives’ was embedded in the header picture. The sub header was a brief paragraph directly under the header. It gave information describing the trip and gave a brief overview of what the blog would be about. Underneath the sub header paragraph there was an image of the dive boat which the trip took place on. The left margin of page held a menu with links to other parts of the blog. The menu had a portion with links to recent posts by the author covering a wide variety of travel topics. Underneath was another menu with information about the author including information about the authors interests. The authors interest section had each of the topics which he was interested in hyperlinked to posts about those topics. There is also a link which can be used to contact the author as well as an about the author section. The content itself is broken up into paragraphs with pictures in between. The footer of the page has links to go back to the previous post as well as onto the next. Finally, there is a comment section for readers to share their thoughts on the blog.


The blog holds many interesting posts. The blog is travel focused, with a broad range of travel blogs. The home page of the blog lists blogs in chronological order, with the newest posts appearing near the top of the page. All of the posts contain pictures taken by the author, or of the author on the trips. The pictures are very captivating and add a lot of good content to the posts and to the blog as a whole. The author does a good job of making the titles of his posts interesting and informative as opposed to simple titles. Titles such as “North Korea: Communist No More” paint an interesting picture of what the post would be about. The about me section of the blog discusses how the author Justin gains his desire for travel and for blogging about it. His about section also contains a list of topics in which the author is interested. The list is hyperlinked to posts about those interests which the author has previously published. The author does a good job of keeping the titles of his posts interesting and drawing your attention to said posts. The blog had a good amount of reader interaction, mostly in the form of comments on the posts. The comments are from readers of the blog who feel connected to the post they are reading. Many of the comments are from readers who in some way relate to the post which they are reading. I feel this allows people to live through the blog and experience travel opportunities they do not personally have.


The layout of the website is simple and easy to navigate, with all of the tabs simple to understand and use. The home page does a good job of presenting the newest posts to you and drawing attention to other posts from anyone else on the blog. There is also a dedicated area at the top of every page urging readers to follow the blog in various ways, including updates of new postings via email. One issue which I noticed is a lack of links to outside social media accounts. I feel that the addition of social media to the blog would help in a two-way manner. The social media accounts would draw additional viewers to the blogs page itself. It would also allow fans of it to better keep up with the blog. If the notifications were also put out on social media it would bring more repeat viewers back to the blog. The blog could also in the opposite manner bring viewers to the social media accounts for the blog, causing the blog to grow as a whole. I was unable to find any information about the statistics of viewer interaction or how many times the page had been shared. I did notice a relatively large amount of interaction in the comment sections of the posts. I feel overall the author did a very good job of connecting with the readers of the blog. I feel he could do a better job by linking social media accounts to the blog.

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