Case Study #3: Reviewception


I have, unfortunately run out of things to say. While this does seem like quite a pickle, I have devised a plan to write about things despite being in a creative dry patch. But how?? How could I write if I don’t have anything to say?? By reviewing other peoples creative ideas of course.

Today I’m going to review a blog that goes by the name “Oh! That Film Blog” which is written by Amy Andrews. This blog is all about film reviews.


To start, the overall layout of this blog is absolutely outstanding. The home page has all of Amy’s recent posts organized in a visually pleasing way. The header stretches across the page and demands your attention. On this header sits movie classics such as Shawshank Redemption or Aliens. The name of the blog sits on this header in bold letters: Oh! That Film Blog.

As far as titles go, this is decent. It does a good job establishing that the blog is about film. The problem with it is that it isn’t the most catchy title. If feel like if I was to explain the blog to a friend the conversation would go something like this.

Me: Check out this blog called Oh! That Film Blog.

Friend: That Film Blog?

Me: Noo! Oh! That Film Blog

Friend: Why do you keep saying Oh… that Film Blog?

Me: Because that’s the title

Friend: ohhhh… Oh that Film blog. So that’s the title?

Me: No there is only one oh.

Friends: Yeah that’s what I said.

The title just feels little bit awkward. Especially because there is the word blog in the title. On the other hand, the sub-header looks really clean. On the sub-header there is a select bar with several different options like A-Z Of Feature Reviews, Top Tens and so on. Overall this blog is really organized

There is more info about the author on the “about me” page. On this page we learn some of there favorite actors/ actresses (Tom Hanks, Martin Sheen, Samuel L. Jackson etc./ Katharine Hepburn, Jodie Foster, Isabelle Huppert etc.) and find out some of there favorite movies (Mary Poppins, Thelma & Louise, The Rocky Horror Picture Show).

In addition to being one of Amy’s favorite movies, The Rock Horror Picture Show, rated R, is also the first movie that she ever saw.

“It remains my favourite film to this day and any lasting psychological damage is forgiven in favour of the story in which I stood up during Year One show and tell and proclaimed that the newest word I had learnt was ‘transsexual transvestite from Transylvania.'”

It is clear that her blog page is bursting with personality. And this personality is brought into many of the reviews that she writes .

On the menu of her blog she has links to her Twitter account, which she posts on often. She doesn’t have a links to any other social media platforms.

However in the footer she has some widgets, which if you press, you can use to share her blog on various social medias: Twitter, Facebook Tumblr etc. The only prominent social media platform you can’t share to is Instagram.


The Content is mostly movie reviews, however there are some top tens and TV show reviews sprinkled in. Overall she has a really engaging writing style, and I never find myself getting bored when reading her reviews.

Her titles are fine, (they are literally the title and date of the movie) but they definitely can be better. For example she could insert her opinion or something humorous in the title to draw readers in and get them to click on the article. Take the name of this article about the movie 1917 as an example: “1917 turns a nightmare war into a theme park showcase”.

Within her writing she explains whether she thinks people would like the movie she reviewed or not. For example, in one movie she reviewed Knives Out, she explains that she recognized that the movie was good, but notes that it wasn’t her cup of tea.

Knives Out is clever enough, it’s mostly funny enough and it’s inventive enough to provide a good time at the cinema, I just can’t say much else other than its feels like a classic case of watching a film, understanding that it is good, but simply not having as a good a time with it as everyone else is seeming to.”

I haven’t personally watched Knives Out myself, so I can’t offer my opinion on it. However if you are looking for entertaining movie reviews before you decide going to watch a movie this is a good place to start.

In every post she has a picture (gotten from a frame in the movie), which as a reader helps me visualize the movie she is describing. One way she could improve her blogs would be by inserting a corresponding trailer or movie clip from the movie she is reviewing. This would make my overall experience as a reader more entertaining.

I do think she should engage with her audience more. She has many fans and she barely interacts with them in her comments. On average each movie she reviews has 7-9 bloggers who like/share it. She doesn’t get very many comments, but on more popular movies she can get any where up 7-8. Despite this she doesn’t really respond or engage with her fans.


Overall this blog does many things right.

If you are a fan of movies, like I am, you will enjoy what she has to say whether you agree with it or not. Her writing style is engaging and interesting.

The flaws with her blog are few and far between. Sure she doesn’t at videos to her blog, or her titles aren’t the best. But she makes up for it with vivid and interesting writing.

If you are interested don’t forget to check her blog out.

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