Tom Brady’s Unknown Future with the Patriots

Pictured here is Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots

After two decades of excellence from the dynamic duo of Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck, may have come to an end after Saturday night’s wildcard game lost against the Titans. Tom Brady will become a free agent this season for the first time in his career and could be looking to either stay with the Patriots or test the waters of free agency. Many teams will be interested in the valuable asset because he has not shown a lot of weaknesses throughout the past season. Many football experts predicting the 42 year old quarterback to sign with the Chargers after they might release their current starter, Phillip Rivers, who haven’t been playing well for the past two seasons. Another hypothetical many experts are predicting is retirement for the quarterback. Tom brady is considered very old to be playing in the league but has explained to reporters it is unlikely he will retire.

Many teams are considering signing with Brady and realize he is an unprecedented free agent given his age, abilities, and legacy on the field. The favorite as of right now is the New England Patriots until Brady signs with another team. I highly doubt Tom Brady would want to move his entire family to a different city and learn the ins and outs of a new organization rather than signing with the Patriots and just learn how to improve. The Patriots are also making signing with Tom Brady difficult due to a two year deal that looks like he disliked the contract. If the team does not give the quarterback close to what he wants, Brady will end up somewhere else. 

The Los Angeles Chargers are another favorite for Brady to land. The team has already moved on with their former starter, Phillip Rivers, meaning Tom Brady could be offered a super max contract. Brady can also have a desire to win somewhere else rather than winning with the same team multiple times. The Chargers also have underrated key wide receivers like Kenan Allen and Mike Williams. The team also has a lot of potential talent that Brady could use and help them improve.

Another potential landing spot for Tom Brady are the Chicago Bears. It’s unlikely due to the cap space situation of resigning their current quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky. The Bears badly need a more vetran and valuable player to help less experienced Trubisky. The current quarterback will gain valuable experience from Brady when he is on the field. 

The last potential landing spot for Brady are the Dallas Cowboys, making this a long shot for the team to sign him. One reason is because of the current quarterback, Dak Prescott. The quarterback is currently under a franchise tag and proved to be a mediocre franchise player over the last few seasons. The Cowboys also have a great offense as well with star running back, Eziel Elliot, and star wide receiver Amari Cooper. The problem the Cowboys are facing right now is the franchise tag. If the team decides to sign Brady, they will need to assign the tag to someone else like Amari Cooper or Eziel Elliot. The Cowboys will also provide Tom Brady with a lot of offensive weapons with Elliot and Cooper, using wide receiver slots and running as their main points in the offense. Mike McCarthy, the newly signed head coach, will also enjoy with Tom Brady because of the offensive side he brings to the table, making the explosive offense as a selling point to Tom Brady.

Tom Brady’s retirement is out of the question and now faces the decision of sticking with the Patriots or moving on to another team. It will highly unlikely he will be undrafted because of the legacy and abilities he has and earned over his many seasons played. If the teams mentioned do not sign him, then a mystery team will probably take him for their own advantage. The Tom Brady free agency storyline is mysterious with unlimitless outcomes because of crazy and unpredictable this will be.

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