Christian Guzman and Alphalete/3D Energy

Christian Guzman is a young entrepreneur from Sugarland, Texas who runs two companies simultaneously. One of these companies is called Alphalete which is a clothing brand. The second is a company called 3D Energy which sells different flavored energy drinks. He is sponsored by many different brands including Ghost Lifestyle that is a supplement brand and the other which is called MVMT, a watch and sunglasses brand. He started his career on Youtube making fitness videos which grew into him starting his clothing company (Alphalete) in 2015. Since then, it has grown tremendously and he has had much success. Recently, he started his energy drink company (3D Energy) and since starting in 2018 it has also had lots of success and went from all online sales to now being in every GNC wellness store across the country. They also have a few other stores like Walmart in the works of becoming sellers of their product. The way he maintains his celebrity status is though Instagram and Youtube making many posts and videos.

The company Alphalete was made up by two words alpha and athlete put together to make Alphalete. The slogan that he used to put on T-shirts was “always proud but never satisfied.” This slogan shows just how hard-working and driven Christian Guzman is. He then created 3D Energy because he loved the energy drink brand ‘Monster’ and wanted to make a better product with more caffeine and better flavors. Though this started as just an idea in his head, he made it come to life and his brand name took off.

On Christian Guzman’s Instagram (@christianguzmanfitness), his profile picture is a professionally taken headshot of himself. He currently has 1.2 million followers and two thousand five hundred and eighteen posts. He follows seven hundred and seventy four accounts. He posts mainly pictures, some being vacations he has been on and others of just him with his girlfriend in his daily life. He also promotes his Youtube channel on his Instagram by posting the thumbnail of the most recent video he has posted with a caption. For example, “go check out my latest Youtube upload.” Other posts he makes are typically promoting his two companies Alphalete and 3D Energy and showing off and promoting the new items that will be launching as well as  things like black Friday sales around the holidays. He also likes to use Instagram stories to show both his daily life and things he is doing as well as using ‘swipe up’ adds for his companies. His likes on Instagram range from seventeen thousand to one hundred and forty thousand likes depending on the picture and his Youtube promotions and business posts sometimes do much better than the others. His comments have ranged from eighty one all the way up to sixty seven thousand depending on the post. If its more personal or business related the likes tend to vary. He does not really respond to his comments on Instagram but tends to like many of the comments he receives. The majority of his comments are all positive. Overall, I think his Instagram account is run very well. The only thing I might add is that he should try and respond to some of the comments even though it can be very hard to go through the amount that he gets. Perhaps responding to more comments will increase his engagement and make his followers more likely to like and comment on posts. 

In addition to an Instagram page, Christian Guzman’s Youtube Channel (Christian Guzman) profile picture is a head shot of him which is very similar to his Instagram profile picture. He has nine hundred and seventy nine thousand followers and has uploaded hundreds of videos within the past seven years. His Youtube content is mostly vlog style videos and he does not post as much during this time of year but right before summer rolls around he starts his infamous Youtube series that is called ‘Summer Shredding’. This is the series that got him a huge following in the first place and that helped him create a name for himself. The series started out as just him vlogging and capturing his journey leading up to his mens physique show that he competes in. The content ranges from diet to workouts to motivational talks and how he was feeling during his prep. He would also give lots of tips and pointers to his audience about workouts and diets, This series has evolved to him running his own bodybuilding show in his home state of Texas that now has classes for women looking to compete in bikini shows to bodybuilding for men, classic physique, woman physique, and the one that no other bodybuilding show offers which  is the transformation category. The transformation category is for anyone that has made a substantial change to their body ranging from people that went from three hundred pounds to two hundred pounds or just a radical lifestyle change and then created a video documenting their journey and it plays for everyone in the crowd. This is what separates other bodybuilding shows from his show. Christian Guzman hires multiple videographers for this event and they throw a cookout/party the following day at his gym. This event brings so many people together and it is the reason he started this whole entire movement around him. His video views are all in the hundreds of thousands and his like to dislike ratio is very good with around an average of four hundred dislikes to ten thousand likes. Much like his Instagram page though, he gets from around one thousand to three thousand comments and does not reply to almost any of them, though the majority of his comments are all positive. I would like to add that he should try to respond to some of the comments, but again it can be hard when you get such a massive amount of comments on your posts.  When searching his name on Google, the first things that pop up are his Youtube account, his Instgram account, and his website ( where he sells workouts and online coaching. On Google image search, all of his pictures are of him working out or model styled pictures. 

One major thing that Christian Guzman could improve on (much like other celebrities) is responding to his followers and creating more engagement with them. This would help him to increase likes, comments, shares, and ultimately create more publicity to his many social media channels. One way he could do this is obviously to respond to his comments, but he could also follow more of his followers back, repost their posts that he has been tagged in, congratulate them on their own personal successes and share their personal videos on his page. Not only would this help his followers feel more connected to him, but it will also increase his social media account traffic. By being engaged with his fans, more and more people will want to gain his attention and add more and more traffic to his pages. Overall, I think Christian Guzman is doing a great job despite his lack of follower engagement. 

Christian Guzman has been and always will be a huge inspiration to me from both a fitness and business standpoint. When I started watching his videos five years ago I was instantly hooked much like the many other people who follow him. Most people like me have been following him for years and and can see his dedication and efforts he puts in to his company. Because of this, he will continue to inspire myself and many more people for a very long time.

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