Introduction to Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson is most known as a YouTube celebrity. He is also an author, a director, a comedian, make-up artist, and a comedian. He began his career on YouTube in 2008 and rose to fame in 2010. In the early years, he did sketch comedy, played original characters, and did celebrity impersonations. Now, he expanded to doing documentary styled videos and conspiracy videos.

Lately, he has been collaborating with other famous YouTube stars such as Jeffree Star and Trisha Paytas. Recently, he dropped a makeup palette with Jeffree Star along with a docuseries. The palette was wildly popular and sold out within seconds following it’s first release. It sold out during it’s second release and is still unavailable. The palette is titled “Conspiracy”:

Shane Dawson is on multiple social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Shane Dawson’s Instagram

Shane Dawson has 11.9 million followers and follows 424 people on Instagram. His posts on Instagram frequently are promoting his projects, such as his new makeup palette and his videos. He will post pictures of the palette, outtakes of the docuseries, and pictures of him with Jeffree Star; his collaborator. Shane will, also, post pictures that let others know what is going on his life. For example, he will post pictures of him with his fiance while they are on vacation. Shane Dawson is interactive with his audience, always thanking them for supporting him.

Shane Dawson’s Twitter

Shane Dawson has 9.5 million followers on Twitter and follows 23.1k people. Shane Dawson tweets frequently, often posting updates about his project, and replying to his fans. Shane Dawson often replies to fans that post their appreciation for Shane, post his product, and post fan art. Shane Dawson will also retweet things his friends, other YouTubers, have posted.

Shane Dawson Youtube

Shane Dawson has 23.1 million subscribers on YouTube. Lately, he categorizes his videos into playlists that contain the docuseries. For example, he has a playlist titled “The Secret World of Jeffree Star & The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star” which are two docuseries he created based on his Jeffree Star collaboration. Shane Dawson posts less frequently than he used to but his videos are highly anticipated because they have increased greatly in quality. Shane Dawson also has other playlists that categorizes his older videos.

Shane’s Digital Footprint

The first links that show up are Shane’s social media: his twitter, his youtube, his Instagram. A Wikipedia page for Shane Dawson, also, comes up. Products for Shane Dawson comes up such as Shane’s makeup palette, sold on Morphe and Jeffree’s site, and Shane Dawson merch. There is an article on the first Google page by Business Insider called “The rise of Shane Dawson, the veteran YouTuber who’s been embroiled in multiple controversies and is worth an estimated $12 million

The first image that comes up when you go to Shane Dawson’s google images is Shane Dawson’s twitter profile picture. There are a lot of pictures, dating back from when he first started using YouTube, and even before he started using YouTube. There are also pictures of Shane Dawson’s boyfriend, Ryland Adams, and YouTubers Shane has collaborated with. There are other stories related to Shane relating to YouTube scandals, beauty drama, etc.

Commendations & Recommendations

Shane Dawson does a remarkable job at engaging with his audience. A large part of what draws people to Shane is that he is so relate able. Shane makes relate able content that engages his audience and often he addresses them directly in his videos, posts, replies, etc.

Along the lines of that topic, Shane knows his audience which is crucial for a good social media presence. As I have mentioned, Shane has recently started a makeup career, which he began after wild success with his first docuseries with makeup artist/YouTuber Jeffree Star. Shane quickly realized that a lot of Jeffree Star fans, which are makeup fans, are also fans of him.

Shane Dawson keeps up on his Twitter and Instagram, frequently updating his audience of projects, sharing photos, videos, and replying to fans. Though Shane posts YouTube videos less frequently now due to the fact his series require more effort, he can be seen in other YouTuber videos such as his boyfriends.

One thing I would recommend Shane to do to improve his social media presence is to be more honest and candid on his profiles. People demand a lot from Shane Dawson, begging for new videos, or stating that they aren’t happy with the content. This stresses Shane out, who is known to try to people-please, and I feel he should tell his audience that for better quality videos, they need to be patient.

Shane has an amazing social media presence. It’s a good thing too – since he is an online celebrity! Shane is popular due to his relate able comedy style, his talent, and his genuine care for his fans.


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