Taylor swift

Kate Ortiz 

Professor Bauer

Social Media 

8 December 2019

Case Study Four

Taylor Swift is a widely known American singer and songwriter since 2004 and she is still going strong. She’s known for writing meaningful and catchy songs that are relevant to her past or current life. Taylor was born in 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania, making her 29 years old today. Taylor is 5’10 tall and has a net worth of 360 million USD dollars. When Taylor was just 14 years old she was signed with Sony/ATV, making her the youngest star to be signed with Sony.  Taylor has homes in her “favorite spots”. Taylor has seven homes, all worth 81 million. Taylor has two homes in Nashville, one in Beverly Hills, one in Rhode Island, three in New York, and it’s rumored that Taylor has been house surfing in London. Taylor has various social media accounts to promote her music and share life events. She has Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can find her facebook link here, https://www.facebook.com/TaylorSwift/. Taylor has a whopping 71,231,399 likes on her Facebook page. If you wanted to check out Taylor’s instagram account you can click on this link here https://www.instagram.com/taylorswift/?hl=en or you can search for her at her username being Taylorswift. Taylor has a following of 123 million people on her Instagram account and she currently follows zero people. Taylor averages around 1-3 million likes on the photos that she uploads. If you look at Taylor’s Swift’s Twitter account you’ll see she joined in December of 2008 and has 85.3 million followers and she currently follows zero people. You can find the link to her twitter account here, https://twitter.com/taylorswift13?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor, or you can search for her at her username being, @taylorswift13. 

Taylor’s Facebook profile photo was recently added just a week ago. She updaded it from the photo that is now her cover photo. Taylor Swift recently has a photoshoot with vogue and she was on their magazine cover. As you may know, numerous photos are taken during photo shoots. While all of Taylors photos came out stunning, she chose a photo that wasn’t on the Vogue magazine cover. The photo Taylor chose for her profile picture is a close up of her leaning against a  scarlet wall with her head slightly leaned back and upwards. Her mouth is open in a sexy way, showing off her pearly whites and she has messy uneven bangs to frame her face. It’s a stunning photo. Taylor is also wearing a light pink knitted dress and the overall effect on the photo is warm. As for Taylors cover photo, it’s the photo for the album that she just dropped called “Lover”. This photos background is a beautiful baby pink and blue mesh of clouds. The pink clouds mainly take over the blue clouds. Taylor is centered in the middle of the clouds and she’s looking down. She has a few emotions running through her face in the photo. She seems in a daze and she also looks content. Her hair is down and messy, as if the wind from the illusion of the sky that shes in is blowing away at her hair. The information included in Taylors “about tab is her birthday, a link to her website and instagram, and a promotion for her new album. A popular post on her facebook is the one she keeps on top of her page. It’s a photo of herself from the photoshoot for her album “Lover” and there’s a brief description explaining that she is celebrating love, that her album is out, and she then includes a link for her album. Every post on Taylor’s Facebook is genuine and from her. She posts things mainly about her music, but sometimes she will include her cat. Taylor has an amazing following and her fans show their support on her page by commenting on her posts, liking her posts, and sharing her posts. Taylor’s Facebook page is executed quite well in my opinion. I don’t believe she should make any changes. 

As I began scrolling through Taylors Twitter account I noticed in the beginning its repetitive content from her Facebook page. As I continue to scroll I’m seeing more “daily” posts. It seems as if she’s enjoying time in Tokyo, petting cats and looking at pastel aquariums. If you continue to scroll you’ll see a smorgasbord of cat photos, posts about her achievements, photoshoot uploads, and photos of fans holding multiple copies of her album in their hands. Taylor Swift decided to keep her profile photo the same as her facebook profile photo. It’s the photo from her vogue photoshoot. Taylor coincidently did the exact same thing with her banner photo. Taylor’s twitter banner photo is the same photo on her Facebook’s cover photo. It’s the photo to her album cover “lover”. Taylor’s bio is quite short and simple, but definitely gets the message out. Taylor’s bio is simply “Lover out now”. Taylor is obviously very proud of her accomplishments and would like to spread the word so that others can listen to her album. Taylor has pinned her most popular tweet. It’s the same post as her most popular facebook post. The tweet contains a photo from her album “Lover” photoshoot, with a short bio of how she’s celebrating love and that her album is out for purchase. The tweet contains a link to her album. The type of content within Taylor’s Twitter is genuine. She tweets about her accomplishments, her doings, and she also retweets some posts from other celebrities. She recently retweeted a post from the Kelly Clarkson Show, where the post talked about how they will be on The Voice that night at 8.7c. Taylor swift uploads both photos and short videos on her Twitter account. Taylor Swift has a grand support system. Her fans respond to, retweets, and like every single post that she posts. Taylor averages out 5k-20k retweets, 1k-5k comments, and 50k-300k likes on each post. Taylors Twitter is laid out well , I  don’t believe she should make any changes. 

Taylors instagram is more photo based. Her photos contain mostly photo shoots, pictures of her album “Lover”, and some photos of her with cats. Taylor’s Instagram profile picture resembles the profile picture she has for her other social media accounts. Taylor uses the same photo from her Vogue photoshoot where she has the messy bands and is wearing the pink knitted dress. Within Taylor’s bio it says “Lover out now’, to promote her new  album. While Taylor doesn’t land a spot on the five most liked instagram posts ever, she reels in a whopping 1-3 million likes on each of her instagram photos. Taylor’s fans are unable to participate in the comments section when it comes to her Instagram. I believe she set that limit due to personal reasons. I believe Taylor executes her instagram profile well and should not make any changes. 

In conclusion Taylors social media accounts seem repetitive with posting almost the same content on each of her account. I’ve learned some things about Taylor just by reviewing her social media account. One being she is extremely proud of her accomplishments and enjoys to repeatedly share that with her fans. Second, she owns two very expensive cats. Third, Taylor recently shot with Vogue and visited Tokyo. Although Taylor doesn’t often interact with her fans on a daily basis, she does enjoy showing her appreciation when she posted a bundle of photos of her fans holding her album on her Twitter account. 

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