Case Study #4- Ever Forward Apparel

John Conlon


Ever Forward Apparel is a clothing company that is owned by a social media influencer by the name of Maxx Chewning. This company offers casual wear and gym apparel to their customers. The company Facebook page ( currently has 7,485 followers and 7,349 people that like their page. On the Ever Forward Apparel Twitter page, the username is @everforward and they joined Twitter in July of 2015. There are roughly 12k followers and they follow 2 people. On the Instagram page (@everforward), there are about 102k followers and they follow 13 accounts. They currently have 736 posts. 


Ever Forward Apparel’s Facebook page also creates all of their own photos and videos for their posts. Their current profile picture is of the Ever Forward logo. The posts on the facebook page range from 20 to around 150 likes. They get an average of 1-5 likes unless there is a giveaway in which that number will be upwards of roughly 40 likes. The about tab has a link to their website, email, and the Facebook message link. It also has the links for their Twitter and Instagram pages. It goes into detail on their products and explaining the different products they offer. The pictures and videos they post are all promoting the products with the CEO and models wearing the clothing whether in the gym or as leisure-wear. Overall I think the page is put together very nicely. One thing I would do if I was running this page would be to post more videos promoting the products to create more engagement between customers and the company. Another thing I would do is respond to the audience more often and let them feel as though they are a vital part of helping the company grow. Not only will these two things boost audience engagement, but they will also hopefully, in turn, help to increase revenue as well. 


On the Ever Forward Apparel Twitter page, the profile picture is of the Ever Forward logo and the banner is a shot of the owner wearing all Ever Forward attire but zoomed in on the belt, which they are promoting at the moment. Their bio consists of the links to the website as well as incorporating the hashtag #everfoward. The tweets they have posted range from pictures and videos to some retweets from fans showing off the product or tweeting about it. The likes produced on this page range from 10 likes to occasionally 200 or so likes. The average retweet is in the range from 1-10 per post on this profile. Lots of people tweet at this company in a positive way and Ever Forward Apparel will normally like and sometimes retweet them. Overall, I think they are doing much better on their twitter than Facebook as far as audience engagement goes but in the next topic I will explain why their Instagram is the most powerful platform out of them all for this company.


Ever Forward’s most powerful platform by far is their Instagram page. Their profile picture is the same logo/picture in each platform’s profile picture and in the bio they explain what the product is and at this time they are also advertising the Black Friday sale. This account has 102k followers and on average they range about 5k likes with the outliers being 1k for the least popular posts and 16k for the most. Comments range from a low of 15 to a high of 1,400 comments. About 95% of the comments are all very good feedback but there are always a few outlier comments that complain about product or their order. They post both pictures and cinematic style videos promoting their products for all of their posts. Some of the videos they have posted are commercial style videos that you might see on TV. In addition to these photos and videos, they will occasionally add a link to the picture that leads the audience right to the clothing item that the model is wearing. They also do some giveaways that create lots of traction on their page. 

Because Ever Forward has a much bigger following on Instagram than Twitter and Facebook, they tend to have much better audience interaction on this platform. This is one thing that they do extremely well with on Instagram but could improve on the other sites in. 


Overall, I believe that this company does well with all social media platforms but should try to treat their Twitter and Facebook accounts like they do with their Instagram account because their Instagram is so powerful with the following they currently have. The content and interactions they are able to make on it are very powerful with its audience. One thing I noticed is when they do giveaways the audience interactions/traction on the pages shoot way up.

I love this company so much for what it stands for. The CEO started this company in honor of his dad that passed away from ALS. When they do launches and sales they donate a portion to ALS. His father’s saying was “always move Ever Forward”. This saying really resonates with me because I can relate to his wanting to honor his father. When my dad passed away 5 years ago that saying meant more than just a brand to me as well.

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