Case Study #3 – Blog Analysis

If you’re a person in need of energy I’ve got a blog for you. This blog is titled “Are you exhausted mama? Try these tips for a boost of energy” by Krystle Simpson. You can find this blog if you click on this link This blog is about a mother who at times seems exhausted and has found some tips and tricks to boost her energy. She uses the perfect photo to catch a reader’s eye. I’ve attached it here. She created this blog to help other exhausted moms! After reading this blog I personally thought that the tips she gave readers could not old help mothers but anyone! Krystles tips could be useful for busy dads, college students, or any busy and exhausted person! Krystle gives tips like drinking water, exercise, eat healthy snacks, and get 7-8 hours of sleep. Krystle explains that water is hydrating and necessary for feeling that wanted boost of energy. She explains that she often drinks cucumber infused water. Which in my opinion is even more beneficial than any normal water. I myself often drink infused water. The next thing Krystle talks about is to exercise. She explains how aiming for 3 hours of exercise a week could be beneficial for boosting your energy levels. Krystle suggests to do stress free yoga and talking walks to enjoy nature. She believes that nature has a natural effect on energy levels and she says nature is by far the best energy booster for her. Krytle also talks about eating healthy snacks to boost your energy. She expresses that she enjoys to eat snacks like rice crispy treats and candy bars. She admits that those snacks are unhealthy and that she instead will eat snacks like carrots, protein bars and peanuts. The last tip that Krystle gives is to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Everyone knows how important sleep is and Krystle gives a wonderful tip on how to ease into an earlier bedtime. She suggests to start by going to bed 10-15 mins earlier than usually do everyday for a week. She suggests to continue this for the next following weeks by increasing the time by 10 mins each week until you are at the 7-8 hour of sleep mark.

 The layout of Krystles blog is simply winsome. Her blog header is “Down 2 Earth Mom”. I love that and it’s super classy. It’s paired with an adorable icon of a green tree full of hearts. Krystle has a subtle footer. It’s simply an icon of a face that’s smiling. Her menu is quite full. She has different sections like her home page, a sobriety/mental illness section, motherhood, yoga, Kid stuff, recipes, and even a good read section. When I was navigating through her blog I saw interesting content. I first went to the yoga section for I myself am a yogi. She had some interesting blogs pertaining meditation, stress relief activities, and even a promo coupon for 30% off of her favorite legging’s store. I also went to her recipe section because I myself love to cook. She has many crock pot recipes that I’d love to try out. She also has this cake pop recipe that I believe will be a hit at any gathering. Krystle has links to her facebook, instagram and pinterest pages that are available for anyone to click on, view, and follow her! Krystles “about me” section is a bit touching. She explains how she is a recently engaged 35 year old mom. Krystle then goes into detail about how she is going on six year sober and how shes managing sanity with her new life as a sober wife and mom. Krystle got into yoga and meditation to help her claim her sanity due to being diagnosed with schizophrenia when her son was just six months old. I feel as if her blog is very real. Krystle created this blog in early 2019 so her blog is fairly new. Krystle already has 137 followers on her blog page so I believe the audience is quite in tune with her blog page. Krystle gets between 1-10 blog likes on her blogs. I’ve noticed the deeper and real the blog post is the more likes she gets. On each one of Krystles pots there are options to share her post via social media (instagram, facebook, and pinterest). I have not seen one post get a share. I like the diversity of Krystles blog but I do believe she should tone it down and possibly stick to only about 3 different topics. It may be overwhelming for some readers to have too many options.

 In conclusion, I believe her blog is an advanced beginners blog site. She has many great informative posts about detailed stories from her past and how she got over certain things. I believe this information could be helpful for a teenager struggling with the problems that Krystle once struggled with. Krystle has blog posts on meditation and yoga which is great for those who are interested in these subjects. Krystle also has blogs on different recipes ranging from crockpot meals to meal prepping and baking recipes. One thing Kyrstle does well on her blogs is set related photos. The phones she uploads to her blog fits well with the texts and on some of her blogs she adds a photo of her real life. For example she will add a photo of her and her husband. Although her blog is quite advanced for a beginner, the only thing I believe Krystle could do better is to limit her topic choices to avoid overwhelming readers.

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