Case Study 3

Overview This blog is about alternative music. I discovered this blog back in 2016 and have kept up with it ever since. I find a lot of new music on here and it offers links to stuff that is not on spotify or apple music.





The layout of the blog is very simplistic but it works. All of the posts are picture of the band and their name. Followed by the discography going from oldest to newest. All of the albums include links to download them and links to the bands websites. The header is very simplistic it is of a little girl lifting up a floorboard with the name of the blog. On the right hand side of the blog is the archive of every post.the archive starts from newest to oldest and is split up by year then by month then gives a list of all the bands blogged about that month. There is not much about the author on the blog except an email and that the person publishing content on here is named kevin. There are links to the blogs twitter ,facebook ,and tumblr on the left hand side. The blogs color scheme throughout is a black background with orange color for the text. Except for the bands descriptions which are in white color text. Almost all the music on the blog would fall under the genre of punk, hardcore,indie,post hardcore,emo, altrernative rock and,pop punk. The community around this blog is how I found it. I was working at a record store and one of my coworkers with similar music taste told me about this blog and that he gets a lot of his music from. I checked it out and have followed it ever since. I have even told my friends about it and they tell their friends. It is definitely an unknownblog to most people. Most people of the blog tho do post comments and suggestions for band for people to check out if they like certain bands. ConclusionIn conclusion the blog does a great job of connecting unknown bands to people. It offersa great place to share music and for band to gain attention and a fanbase. I have used this blog for years and have found a ton of great music that I otherwise would not have found. The blog could do a better job of keeping up on its other social media platforms Facebook has not had a post in over a year and the twitter does not offer a lot of relative information to we things are published on the blogs website.

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