Case Study #3

Title of the Blog

The blog We are Travel Girls ( ) is written by Becky and Vanessa , two friend that share something that they have in common : the love for traveling .
The website was created in 2016  originally by the two friends, but along the way they were adding new writers who share the same love for traveling. They consequently expanded their blog, created their own brand and having meet ups to talk about what they enjoy most.

The layout of the blog is what I would call ” clean ” . The Bright color gives the impression of minimalism and its visually comforting.
The heading is composed only by the blogs name and a brief explanation of what the blog is about it. Right below we have the tabs, which organize the blog by content .
It took me a few minutes to realized that the social media links were all the way on the top of the page. The links are in very small icons that direct readers to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. I wish that these tabs were in bold, since it would be easier to find.

This blog was created by a group of all females. Other writers and readers are encouraged to send their articles.
The tabs that help people browse throughout the website also give the reader an idea of that they are going to find in the blog. For example, the tab destination will give you all the continents options. In side these options, you can find posts from woman traveling solo or with a family. It will also give you tips on affordable, luxurious or adventurous travel to places like Asia, Europe or Africa. This makes it very easy to get advice for the type of travel you are looking for.
Something that is cool about this blog is that their shared destinations are not too popular or touristy. These are places that many people haven’t heard , such as :  TOP 8 HIKES TO DO IN MAURITIUS – Africa THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO NUSA PENIDA
– asia can
The pictures in every post are always taken by the writers and very professional. Some are even posted on their Instagram, which has 425K followers . Instagram is their most popular social media site. However, they are also active on twitter and facebook. There are also tabs for getaways and events. The website also has a donation page. So far they have raised $22,780, which has gone to funding classrooms throughout Africa.

One thing that I would change on this blog is some advertisements. When you first enter the blog, on the top of the page there is an advertisement for a “blogger course.” I thought this was a little bit of a turn off. People may get the impression that the site is trying to sell something, instead of educate people about traveling.  Although, I understand that bloggers need to make money too. I think that they should embed their advertisement in another tab, rather than the home screen. I would also not use the word “free” on the first page. There is a tab that mentions “free resource library.” Whenever I see the word free, it makes me skeptical. This may just be a personal bias. I would have rather wrote, “resource library.” I personally like blogs that are very clean and straight forward with their posts. That is exactly what I find from this blog. It’s hard to keep readers faithful to blogs these days because people are spending more and more time on social media. These days, people do not want to read blogs. We have turned into an inattentive culture. More people like short excerpts, like a twitter post.
People that can keep a blog these days are great at what they do. I am part of the group of people that used to read a lot of blogs over the years, but these days I can’t engage with any blog at all. I believe that the biggest challenge is to keep up with the good content, recruit people to read the blog and engage those who are faithful to your work.
I really like how easy it is to read this blog and the clarity of the presentation . Newer readers wouldn’t have any problems looking for content in this website, because it’s very simple. I also really like how the website engages the reader. There is an upload tab to submit photos or become a blog ambassador. They try to encourage a warm and welcoming culture.

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