Case Study #3

For my case study I chose to examine “A How-to Guide on Saving the Ocean”. The blog focuses on how we can help keep the ocean clean. There are several task that we can do to help save the ocean and decrease the pollution. The blog was created on 11/1/19 by mandyayang.


Layout: The layout consist of a several featured photos. The main photo of an ocean with the words “save the ocean, a how-to guide”. The layout is very simple, black and white with colorful photos. There are the following tags below the title: care for environment, environment, ocean, protect ocean, sustainability. At the end of the how-to guide there is small paragraph of who the author is her hobbies. She is part of  the “lions heart blog”.

Content: The blog consist of useful information to avoid pollution to our ocean. There are helpful tips that Mandy provides. One tip she recommends is to not use plastic. The reason is because it is she feels that one of the main reason for the waste in our ocean comes from us overusing plastic.

Mandy also describes how we can protect the ocean by picking up after ourselves when we go to the beach. If we were to all pick up after ourselves after every visit at the beach we would reduce to the chance of harm to our ocean.

We can also help save the ocean by walking more often. She explains that if we were to walk more instead of driving a car or using a bike we can help reduce the carbon dioxide. There is a link that gives more information on carbon dioxide and how it affects the ocean. There are other several things that Mandy suggest such as avoid buying jewelry or shark products. She also recommended we make choices on our seafood. We can help doing this by making sure we do not support overfishing or other harmful acts to the sea animals.


I believe that Mandy did have very useful information that can help save the ocean. She could have included more photos and links. It would have been nicer to see a more colorful background. I think she could have included more photos of the damage we are doing to the ocean. I do like the fact that she includes links to several of her statements.

There aren’t any links to social media. However it does appear she is a part of the Lion’s Heart Blog.

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