Can’t Lose Hughes – A Sports Blog

For this assignment I chose to analyze a sports blog. The blog is titled “Can’t Lose Hughes Sports”. It is a personal sports blog created by a man named Nolan Hughes. The topic of the blog is sports, and the goings on in the vast world of sports entertainment. The web address for the blog is:

As far as layout of the blog goes, I think Nolan has done a pretty good job with it. His blog’s home page is laid out like a news feed, with each article readily available to be clicked on and read. Nolan has the page set up with blue and white colors, and features his own logo in the top left corner of the screen. He also offers various sections of content including one that is devoted entirely to the NFL and on that is devoted entirely to the NBA (National Basketball Association). As far as widgets go, Nolan has several tweets pinned to his profile which if clicked will bring you to his Twitter account, and direct links to other articles he has published in the past.

Nolan has an “About Me” page as well. On his “About Me” page, Nolan lists some information about himself such as: age, name, education, likes and hobbies, favorite athletes and favorite sports teams. There is also a mailing address, email address, and twitter handle available if one wanted to reach out to the blogger.

Nolan Hughes’ blog seems pretty well put together. My first impression of his page is that he definitely knows what he is doing. The content of his blog is almost always the same: football and basketball. That could be because they are his personal favorite sports, or it could be because we are in the midst of both the football and basketball seasons.

There is no way for me, as a viewer, to see just how popular Can’t Lose Hughes Sports is as a blog. I am sure he must have a decent following of faithful readers. I assume this because he also features a “subscribe” section, where you can leave your email and sign up to get alerts about his newest and latest posts.

After looking through just a couple of his blog posts, even I debated subscribing. He puts his content out there in a clear and easily decipherable way. Each post I looked at, (I looked at the four most recent posts) featured both photos and videos. When it comes to the headlines of his posts, they tend to be a bit lackluster. Don’t get me wrong, he has a few gems in there too, but for the most part the headlines are not super eye-catching. They tend to be rather basic, just saying things like “Week 7 Preview” or “Week 7 Picks”. I think that the blogger could definitely do better with his headlines. For example, rather than just letting people know that you will be making your football picks in this post make the headline the biggest underdog you are taking. As an NFL fan myself, I know that if I saw somebody post that they were taking the Dolphins over the Patriots I would have to click on the article to find out just why somebody would make this lunatic move.

On the front of audience interaction, I would say that the audience as a chance to play a role in the blog. After each article is a section where you have the option to leave a comment. Now, I’m not sure how many regular readers Nolan gets on his blog, so I can’t even begin to guess the number of comments he may be receiving. But the fact that he even has a space that would allow readers to throw in their two cents is pretty cool, I think. I feel like most people (and maybe I’m wrong) hold their own opinion to a much higher regard than the opinion of others. I think this rings true with blog users as well. So that Nolan is open to criticism I think says a lot about his enthusiasm of perfecting his craft.

In conclusion I have to say that Can’t Lose Hughes Sports Blog is a pretty cool website. For a twenty-two-year-old college student, Nolan Hughes seems to really have a handle on things and he seems to be really passionate about sports reporting and analysis. While there are a few things he could improve (headlines, social interaction) there are many things that he does well: researching, putting his thoughts into words, understanding the topics, and being relatable. If anybody were to be looking for a majority neutral sports blog, that covers not only the NFL but the NBA leagues as a whole, I wouldn’t have a problem pointing them in the direction of Can’t Lose Hughes Sports Blog.

A link to Can’t Lose Hughes Sports:

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