Breakfast Blog


The blog I chose to analyze is called Bacon, Eggs, and Passion: The Breakfast Blog.

It is written by my brother Aidan Conlon who is a college student at Worcester State University. Essentially, this blog is a breakfast blog that describes many different breakfast restaurants that he has been to. He reviews each restaurant and goes into a lot of depth on each one from location to food to the service and atmosphere. The web address for this blog is


At first glance, the blog is very visually appealing. There is a lot of color, background images, pictures, and the headers and subheaders are very easy to see at the top of the page. Under the title of the blog, “Bacon, Eggs, and Passion: The Breakfast Blog”, is the tagline he uses to draw people into the blog. The tagline is “The most important meal of the day, serving it up…your way. Here’s a crazy idea. Why don’t we all bite into this omelet we call life, together?” Because this tagline is witty and funny, it almost sets the tone for how his blog is written. The whole blog has the same witty tone that is consistent throughout the whole blog. In addition to the introduction to the blog, there is a section that describes the author and his intent with the blog as well as a “blog archive” with all of his posts and when they were posted which are all available to read. 

The content of the blog typically starts with the expectations the author had of the restaurant going into it. This is followed by pictures of the place and then he continues on to describe the atmosphere, the food, and the service. It is a very funny blog written by a college student directed at the audience of other college students. He uses many pictures within his blog posts. He goes into lots of detail at each and every place he goes to for these reviews. The title of each different post he posts are just the names of the restaurants he reviews. One thing he could do differently is come up with more creative titles for each different blog post. Incorporating witty comments or jokes into the title may make readers more inclined to read each post.

Typically the author uses pictures of the restaurant (inside and out), pictures of all of the food he ordered, and pictures of other interesting or notable things about the restaurant. Many of the pictures he uses are taken by himself on the day of the visit to the restaurant. He goes into lots of detail at each and every place he goes to for these reviews. Each picture has a caption with a witty comment or description of the picture presented. While there are lots of pictures and visuals embedded within the blog post, there are almost no videos present on the site. This could be something for the author to consider adding to his blog. 

Another thing the author could do to improve his blog could be separating each post to make it easier to see when one post ends and another begins. This would make the blog more visually pleasing and easier for the readers to navigate. He could also use more audience input in his blog. There are not many comments on the blog posts as he is an amateur blogger, but marketing his blog a bit more could help him gain more readers which would gain a bigger audience and hopefully produce more audience input. With this being said, the blogger does not seem to stress about encouraging the readers to subscribe to the blog. He does, on the other hand, have sharing links to different social media websites like Facebook & Twitter which can be helpful in sharing his blog and getting it noticed by more and more people. 


Overall, it is clear that this is an amateur blog written by a college student who is experimenting with the idea of blogging. As I have stated above, the blogger could improve on the layout of the posts to make it easier for readers to navigate. While the setup of the blog could be improved, the blogger does a great job with the content he posts. He uses great detail to describe every restaurant he has been to and incorporates many pictures to visually aid the readers in really feeling like they are at the restaurant. This helps to make his blog feel more real to readers. Not only does he describe the restaurant so well, but he reviews it in a way that his readers will always know what to expect when trying out these restaurants. It is clear that he is passionate about his content and his blog in general.

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