Adventure Awaits!

As a child, I have always loved adventure. My parents took my siblings and I on various trips across the United States. As I grew older, I started to travel more. I love the idea of going to a new place and experiencing different cultures. I also think the beauty of nature is something we tend to overlook in a world full of advancing technology. The world has so much to offer. Take a leap for an adventure you will never forget. 

Last year, I had the pleasure of traveling to Iceland with a group of friends. It is something I will never forget. We went during the winter so we only had about four hours of daylight. Boy, did we make the best out of the little amount of time we had with the light. 

Iceland was beautiful. We hiked up the Skogafoss waterfall. That was a trip in itself. The snow kept coming down on us but we eventually made it to the top and the view was well worth it. We also visited the black sand beach and trekked through rain and snow to get to the infamous abandoned plane wreck that was never removed. Iceland’s scenic views were mesmerizing. 

If you ever make it to Iceland, one thing that should be on your bucketlist is the Blue Lagoon Spa. You should make reservations in advance because lines go out the door. There is a bar in the middle of the lagoon where you can enjoy various cocktails. It is very relaxing and a great way to unwind or end the trip. 

Sometimes we are all so content living in our bubbles that we do not realize how grand the world really is. Travel, have adventures, make memories you will never forget. It is worth investing in new experiences!

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