Chocolate Toffee Crunch Cake

Case Study #3


The title of this blog talking about the treats served around the holidays is called Chocolate Toffee Crunch Cake. This specific blog is written by Tessa Huff. The blog is centered around the gallery of treats that are offered around christmas time. This specific post is about this type of chocolate cake which she finds is a perfect treat to have for christmas. Below is the link to this blog:


The overall format of this blog includes lots of pictures and different views of this cake which is sliced and eaten. It is then followed by a nice description of how to cut, pipe the icing and make the cake. The follow up descriptions roll nicely with the pictures that are given and it makes the reader want to have a slice of this cake.

There really is no header but rather sections of the website cut off and separated by large pictures. The pictures are then followed up by text talking about the cake. The only clear headers are down near the bottom where it talks about tips on icing. It then goes to list certain tips people should be aware of when they get to icing the cake. The title is very simple and small at the top of the page. It just states what the blog is about, being the cake, and is very tiny to keep the rest of the article appealing to the reader. There is no subheader or tagline, but there is a brief statement underneath the title before the first picture appears. It states that the chocolate cake is delicious and cinnamony. It is paired with crunchy toffee and smooth buttercream frosting. The author is the main person that has created the recipe for this cake as well as the blog post for it. Although, the author has her post posted on some other main author of the whole blog post, who is in charge for all of the recipes. The author herself is a professional cake designer who enjoys being artsy. She likes doing certain little accents like using edible flowers. On this certain blog post, there are other categories at the top including tutorials and other recipes. It also includes a section about the editor. It includes quite a lot of social media links including facebook, pinterest, twitter, yummly, and flipboard. “Tessa Huff for” appears underneath every photo before each text. There really are no pages but this could be considered one of the footers. Since this author is under a greater portion of the blog posts, there is no section about this specific author. She is the author of this post about the chocolate toffee crunch cake but she does not have a specific section designated towards her.


When it comes to the most popular posts on this blog, it would have to be the recipes section. The recipes are the main section of this portion which people are eventually drawn to in order to figure out how to make the treats. Each of the posts contain pictures of the specific treat that is being made. For example, the chocolate cake is being made in this post, so there are multiple different pictures of chocolate cake displayed within the post. There are videos on this blog post, but they are found underneath the tutorial section of the blog. The images are taken professionally, some by the authors but mostly by a professional brand in order to keep the high quality of the blog content. The titles of the blog posts are not that compelling for they simply just state the treat that is going to be talked about. Where it is a good idea to keep it simple, there could be a little bit of enticing words included in the title in order to make the treat sound really tasty and attract readers to the page.

Overall, the blog posts seem to just simply state the different recipes that they offer. Although, after clicking on a certain recipe, there is a specific author who decides to grab the reader’s attention in their own way. This specific author includes how she likes to make this cake on cold days in Canada. Where there is a personal aspect to her posts, I feel like it makes the reader feel like they are in the same shoes, encouraging them to make the cake on the cold days where they live as well. The author does a good job with engaging the audience when talking about the cake and when to make it. It allows the readers to engage with different parts of her blog whether it be about how she feels when she makes the cake or when she feels is the most appropriate time to make the cake. On this blog, there are seventeen different comments that are posted at the bottom mentioning how pretty and delicious cake looks. 

As for sharing, this blog post lists a ton of different platforms that the readers can share on but it does not list the amount of shares each social media platform has gotten. The blogger is also not really pushing the idea of people to share her post. The platforms are at the top of her page and at the top of many other posts, but she doesn’t feel the need to nag readers on about sharing her post. She also does not push the idea of subscribing to her posts, but rather allows the readers to make their own decisions when it comes to that.


The blog does a very good job at making the readers want to make the treats by including the pictures but they could include more enticing titles to grab the reader’s attention a little bit more. The blogger also does a good job with staying organized and including the recipe. She makes the blog personal which really connects with the people reading it. One last thing that she could do in order to improve the post would be to ask the readers to share and subscribe so that her blog can get out there to more people.

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