Cars have always been a hidden passion of mine . I have been going to car shows from a tender age and no matter how many times I go, the amount of excitement I feel never goes dim. Since middle school I started a car collection with the Matchbox model cars and at one point, had over 50 different models. In my country, Jamaica, I often went with my father to car shows, where they would display cars from the Japanese domestic market and European cars.However, the caliber of cars I saw were not as amazing as the ones I’ve seen since migrating to the United States. In 2016 I attended my first local car show in Boston and it surely didn’t disappoint. The wide range of exotic cars blew my mind as I stood there in awe looking at them. These were cars I only saw in music videos, movies and video games.

Just this year I attended an event in New Hampshire called Honda Day. It was the first time they were introducing the event to New England and it turned out to be a success. In the peak of summer, my cousin and I embarked on a hour long drive to New Hampshire Drag-way where the event was being held. As we made our way to the stands, we could see the various modified cars speeding down the drag-way; it was quite exhilarating and had adrenaline pumping. After we looked at the exhibits of over 200 different Honda and Acura models. I was intrigued by the creativity and effort the owners put into the designs of their cars to make it stand out and have a distinct look from the others.

I’ve always had a keen interest in modern cars but that changed when i went to a vintage car show . It made me realize how far the motor vehicle industry has come from and it gave me new interest in another passion for cars. I’ve been to several including one that is held every Monday night at Heritage Farm Ice Cream . There I was able to see cars from as early as the 1930’s going up to the 80’s. Motor cars will always be a major influence in my life as I continue to focus on the trends in the industry and the new technologies they release on a yearly basis.

You can take a look at the exciting news for this year’s New England International Auto Show

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