Gary Vaynerchuk: Media Mogul

Gary Vaynerchuk

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Gary Vaynerchuk is a man who wears many hats, but his most recent venture includes being the owner of VaynerMedia, an advertising agency that services Fortune 100 clients. He is an entrepreneur, investor in early social media startups (like Facebook and Twitter), social media mogul, 5-time New York Times Best Selling Author, and wine connoisseur. He got his start working for his fathers wine shop in New York, using social media marketing during the mid 2000’s to help build his fathers business from a 3 million to a 60 million dollar revenue stream, before breaking off to start his own media company.

Currently, Gary’s biggest currency is media. His media company does advertising, but he is a prolific user of social media, posting across several different platforms (Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) sometimes upwards of three times a day. He hosts a YouTube show called #AskGaryVee where budding entrepreneurs and fans alike call him to hopefully get a piece of advice. He travels around the world regularly scheduling business development meetings with brands and artists, as well as motivational speaking. Gary’s biggest message is based around creating a life for yourself that it is exactly how you want to live, and he’s also been a big proponent of using the internet to do so. He encourages people to start their own business, pick up that hobby they’ve always loved, move to a different city for different opportunities, whatever it is that will motivate people to take a step towards finding happiness and building a life they are happy with.

Social Media Presence


  • Regularly post text, images, and videos; constantly alternating
  • Frequency of posting: Every day, multiple times a day, at the most 4 times.
  • Frequently responds directly to direct messages and comments; he tries to respond to as many as possible across multiple platforms


  • Regularly post text, images, and videos; constantly alternating
  • Frequency of posting: Every day, multiple times a day, at the most 4 times.
  • Frequently responds directly to direct messages and comments; he tries to respond to as many as possible across multiple platforms


  • Images, and videos
  • Frequency of posting: Every day, multiple times a day, at the most 4 times.
  • Frequently responds directly to direct messages and comments; he tries to respond to as many as possible across multiple platforms


  • 2,161,352 subscribers
  • Videos
  • Frequency of posting: At least one video a day  
  • Frequently responds directly to direct messages and comments: Not as often on YouTube as the other platforms

Google Results (Gary Vaynerchuk)

  • “About 9,330,000 results (0.54 seconds)”

     The very first link is his website, followed by several of his videos, most of his social media accounts, and his Wikipedia page. Gary has Google locked down pretty tight, making sure that the only things that show up on his results page are specifically his resources first.


Analysis and Evaluation

FaceBook Usage:

Gary’s Facebook account is in a lot of ways an aggregate of all of his other social media accounts. There are videos that look like they’ve been formatted for Instagram in his feed, clips from YouTube, and pictures of Tweets. It seems as though he wants to make sure his content gets to those who use Facebook, but the individual platforms that he’s referencing are the ones that gets the most traffic on and is driving viewers towards. His Facebook following is strong, but the engagement in the comments section isn’t nearly as active as on his Instagram and YouTube accounts. He’s done a really good job of articulating his message as a whole across his Facebook page. The page is filled with the same kind of posts that he shares across all of his social platforms; positivity, empathy, and challenging yourself to make a difference in your own life.

Twitter Usage:

Gary’s Twitter usage is sprinkled mostly with positive sayings, motivation, and direct interactions with fans. He is constantly retweeting and sharing things that people around him have said, or things fans have said directly to him. Most of the Tweets are text based, but he also uses it to share specific videos and images related to events he’s speaking at, or the latest update from his YouTube show. The frequency of his tweets really depends on how much he’s had going on that day. Most recently he had a back in forth encounter with a fan over text message that he took screenshots of and shared. His Twitter feed reinforces his personal voice in his brand in the most direct way in my opinion, because it’s written word sent directly to his fan base that he replies to often.

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 10.34.30 AMScreen Shot 2019-06-24 at 10.36.28 AMScreen Shot 2019-06-24 at 10.36.40 AM

Instagram Usage:

Gary uses Instagram primarily to share short clips in which he gives tidbits of advice. Often the videos will have text on the bottom of the screen so that viewers can understand the context and follow along even if they don’t have their sound turned on. He often does speaking engagements where he speaks to crowds of hundreds, sometimes even thousands, and offers sound advice on how to build businesses using social media platforms and encourages people to follow what they are most passionate about. His media team follows him to these events and films most of what he says, turning it into relatable and shareable content that’s easily digested. He also frequently shares images that have positive or motivational quotes written at the bottom, which are also very easy to share. He frequently responds to fans in the comments sections, and replies to many direct messages. Many of his posts have hundreds of thousands of likes and comments.

YouTube Usage:

Gary’s YouTube channel is littered with hundreds of videos across various different series. The DailyVee show chronicles his life as an entrepreneur as he flies all over the globe meeting with different businesses and executives to help them build their brands. AskGaryVee is a show where he replies to fans over the phone and helps give them advice for building better lives for themselves. There’s a section of the channel specifically dedicated to videos of his keynote speeches, as well as videos of him ranting on topics ranging from too many people complaining, to how to positively influence your friends and peers. Gary’s output is remarkable. He has a team solely dedicated to putting together his videos, and his page is very easy to navigate in order to seek out information, advice, and motivation. Many of his videos have hundreds of thousands of likes and an equal number of comments. It seems there is not as much engagement from him on YouTube as there is on his other platforms.

Social Media: Big Picture

Gary Vaynerchuks social media accounts portray a man who is on a mission to spread positivity, strong work ethic, motivation, and happiness into the culture. His message is consistent amongst all of his platforms. He encourages people to take control of their lives, and build a life for themselves that they are happy with. The end goal of all of his speaking and business information is based around finding and cultivating happiness. I believe Gary is making the most of his social media platforms, and then some. I’ve never seen anyone post as frequently as Gary does, and I’ve never seen anyone share the same message in many different ways quite the same way he does. I don’t think there’s anything Gary could improve upon. His interaction with his fans while providing so much content is incredible.

Garys digital footprint paints a very clear picture about Gary, his brand, and what his company stands for. Gary is making an honest effort to spread positive and strong feelings into the culture. I believe his message aligns with his brand, and reinforces the Vaynerchuk name.

Commendations and Recommendations

I think Gary is doing everything in his power to make the birth of his social media presence as wide as possible. I don’t think there’s anything I would recommend that could possibly enhance his impact on social media. Gary has built a remarkable brand for himself and continues to inspire others to do the same for themselves.



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