Case Study #3 – Blog Analysis


The Green Study – ( ) is a blog written by Michelle who gives us all insight on her life.The first post Michelle created was in 2012. Michelle is from the Midwest and is a wife and a parent and used to serve in the Army. She gives us brief information in her about me page. Michelle shares blogs about her everyday life asking herself questions that resonate with many of her bloggers!



The General layout of The Green Study is basic with different images that change every once in awhile. The blog site includes a header and a footer with a white background with an image featured at the top.There are some featured blog posts available on the main page.

The header includes the title of the blog along with a main menu bar that has only three clickable tabs that redirect the audience to different pages. The three tabs on the menu bar are the about page,comment policy page, and contact page.

The body of the blog is split into two parts the main column and a smaller column on the right side. The main column will show the current featured blogs. The most current latest blog will be featured at the top while a few more will be following below.While the right hand side column has widgets such as : subscribe bar; posts the blogger likes; a link to what the blogger reads; top posts & pages; search bar; sorted bar with topics that lead to blogs ; and an archives bar.

The blog footer is also very basic with a black background with copyright license information. on the left On the right side their are two columns one the posts liked by the author and the reader favorites. At the very bottom of the footer the search bar is visible along with the archives button for blogs from a particular month.


The top posts and pages widget has featured blog posts created by Michelle that are the most popular on The Green Study which include:

Being Fiction, Instead of Writing It received 1,737 likes from other bloggers on WordPress and 782 comments as a result it is one of the top blogs. However,i do not know if any of Michelle’s blogs have been re blogged or shared through social media. All i can see is that her tops blogs receive a certain amount of likes and comments.

The blog posts are very well written and may contain occasional profanity. Michelle writes posts that are relatable to people who are middle aged and parents. She can appeal to a mature audience whom are willing to read about her life experiences. In each blog post she does include: small pictures and occasionally a hyperlink to older posts shes written.

At the end of each blog post i only notice the comment section there is no call to action from the blogger.There are however tags associated to the blog on each individual post.

The About me page is very brief containing information about Michelle including some information about her. I was not able to find out her last name on this page or at all. She includes a photo of herself along with information she is willing to tell the audience. There is no guide to the blog site and how to navigate it.


The Green Study is a personal blog written by Michelle a woman from the Midwest. She tastefully writes about her personal life experiences giving the audience an insight of who she is.

The layout of this blog is very simple making it easy for readers to navigate through all of the content Michelle posts.The widgets are easily accessible and view-able all in one column. The colors of the layout do not distract the reader and makes it easy to focus on the blog. In terms of font size and colors Michelle maintains a clean look with an easy to read font with a clever title.

Where the layout is simple i still feel that tweaking it to include more widgets on the menu bar would improve the site. Another element that could be included could be video blog posts interacting with subscribers. The video blogs could contain answers to subscriber questions or other content. The purpose of the videos would be to create another form of interaction with subscribers to give a more personal feel.

The content Michelle post about has captured the attention of almost 2,000 bloggers . Her posts are genuine and relate to the audience of women and men in their middle ages. Michelle has almost 20,000 followers and of those only some of them interact by commenting or liking her content. Michelle could add social media for the blog and create video content to further interact with her subscribers. She can also create a call to action asking her subscribers to reach out and like and comment on her content. Michelle should consider reaching out to a broader audience seeing how she has already gained so many subscribers!

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