Blog Review

For my blog to analyze I chose a blog called “How I afford to Travel Full-Time” by Drew Binsky. In this blog Drew talks about all the different ways he can afford to travel full time. He does it through full time blogging, sponsorships, social media campaigns and even teaching English. The web address to his blog is and it is a really great read if you've always just wanted to travel the world and were not sure how to support yourself doing it.

Drew’s layout of the blog is really well put together. The header of it is straight to the point and tells you exactly what the blog is going to be about. He has an introduction where he tells you the five main ways he affords to travel full time, and has a short segment for each way. In each segment he post links to websites that help the reader to have a better idea of what he is taking about as well as websites that the reader might have not known about that can and will save them money if and when they travel. One of them I saw that actually works is a google flight link. I recently discovered that buying your flight ticket from google is usually the cheapest way to go, and that one of the links he post on his blog and it is very helpful when it comes to saving money on plane tickets. On the side of his blog he has link that to a page that gives you more information about him. By having this I think it helps the reader to feel more connected with Drew and trust his blogs because the reader will know more about him and feel more connected. His blog also has a menu bar at the top which offers a lot of awesome different pages and stuff learn more. You can see where he is right now, videos he has posted, he even has a contact me link where you can get in touch with him and ask him for advice or anything really. Also if you just wanted to see pictures or read a quick post from Drew, he has his social media links on the side of his blog that will allow you to do that, Some of the videos are really awesome.

Drew does a really good job of setting up his blog to allow the reader to navigate easily through his page, and at the bottom you can find his top post. Such post include; “Why I Launched This New Blog & What’s Next For Me” , “How I Afford to Travel Full-Time”, and “ Teaching English in Korea”. All of these are really great blogs and he does such a great job in each blog. The way he formats the blogs are easy to follow and personalized. All the pictures he uses in them he takes himself, and they are awesome to see; you can see just how much he has traveled and how amazing it looks. If you were to look at his ‘About Me” page you could really get a sense of how much he has traveled and how passionate he is about it. I’m not much of an expert blogger, but it seems like Drew does a really good job for the most part. From his writing to the format of his blog. He includes an about me link, where he has traveled and links to his social media. His audience will even sometimes post comments his top five post have between 20-30 comments. That may not be a lot, but they are all really genuine and all the people really appreciate the blog. He even goes the extra mile to respond to some of the people that commented.

Drew does a magnificent job on his blogs. They really inspire you to just go out and travel. He does a great job with the format of his blog. He gives you everything you need from his about me page to links in his blogs to help you further your knowledge. Overall I would say that drew is one of the better bloggers I have come across, and I can’t wait to read more of blogs.


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