Case Study # 3 – 6 Amazing Days in Florida


Overview – My urge to travel the world is tremendous ,  I day dream all the time of traveling the world after completing my goal of going to grad school. From the clear blue seas of Greece to the hot desserts of Iran, I will travel all some day. Anyways I came across a blogging website about a young man who travelled over 153+ countries. Yes the big one five three. His name is Drew Binsky, and this man has his own dedicated blogging website just for his travel adventures, AMAZING! I would give anything to go around the world like Mr. Binsky. I caught interest in one of his blog’s about a trip he had in Florida, it was only him and his girlfriend . He writes about his 6 day road trip through Florida and the positive experience he had through this trip.  The blog is called, ” Highlights From a 6 Day Road Trip in FLORIDA”, heres the link to it below.


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Analysis-  The blog it self is very neat, the author separates his six days in Florida in sections. He writes about each individual location he visited and how they were and his experiences. He also gives a description about each location. The header and title are pretty obvious of what the blog is going to be about. The author doesn’t really push the limit with the header and the title. It just says how many days he visited  and the location he visited which was Florida. You can actually find his information in one of the widgets on the side, you can just click on it. David Binsky is a full time travel blogger and a 2x Guinness World Record holder and also he is a golf athlete, golfing all over the world. He has 1.7M followers on social media. His widgets include his interest like golfing and of course traveling and a link to his Facebook. His footer is just a mini bio about him and his tags are under travel but you can know all about him in his first widget.

Here’s his social media account below



Content- Drew Binsky and one of his many blog’s called, ” Highlights From a 6 Day Road Trip in FLORIDA” is about his  journey through Florida. He visited Fort Myers, Charlotte Harbor, Punta Gorda, Babcock Ranch, Englewood, the Everglades, Marco Island, Naples and Fort Lauderdale and Miami. He writes about his experience in each of thease locations. He also makes videos about the locations he visited in Florida. The ideas are very unique to each video. He expresses each location very well in each video, they are very original and brings a good perspective. The title couldn’t be any better, it is obvious but unique . This blog has a a little of everything, from the & things he liked in Florida to his final words about Florida.

His audience really loved his post, they make very positive comments. There isn’t any negativity from his audience, just pure positivity. You can tell his audience are very interested of his different travels. He has thirteen comments about this post and they are all embracing his passion of traveling.  He couldn’t  have done this post any better.

Conclusion- The blog really expresses the author’s passion of traveling in Florida. The layout of they blog, is very normal. It is full of videos, and the videos help to get a better understanding of his trip. The blog is very accessible and it is also very interesting to look at. The author’s blog is just his opinion and it is based on his own experiences and feelings. Every feeling he felt, he shared with us through his journey. In my opinion there is nothing necessarily wrong with the blog,  The author is very knowledgeable about his craft and his experience in the art of blogging does not let us down in this post.



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