Case Study #4- Brianna Lacuesta





The celebrity I selected to analyze is Briana Lacuesta. She is a reality TV personality from the show Are You The One?  From MTV. This celebrity does have a Facebook, but it is private. From the posts that she has available we can tell that she does not have a big following. If she wanted to influence her followers she would make her Facebook public and interact more with her fans. Her pictures do not have as many likes as her other social media accounts do. She has mostly profile pictures that are public, so the public does not have a lot to see or gather. You can tell that this is her original Facebook because you can see when it was opened. She also has videos that have been uploaded by her with friends. Most likely this is her least favorite social media to influence her followers. Even though she is a star she is not as famous as an actress or a singer. So, therefore she keeps some parts of her life private. Her Instagram and Twitter are public. I follow her on Instagram and Twitter. On her Instagram bio section, she has her booking information. She also states what show made her famous, and what platform she is the most active on. This celebrity, posts pictures of herself on Instagram to promote her image. She works at a place where she needs to look a certain way to promote events and fashionable items. Her most liked pictures are from her promoting MTV events. She gained her following through this show. Which is probably why her most liked photos are from her MTV events.

This celebrity does state on her Instagram Bio that she is most active on Twitter. She does update her twitter pretty often. On her twitter she also talks about her MTV family and posts more personal things. She posts about her thoughts and her daily chores or errands. Most of her media content, Photos and videos, are of Gifs. She loves to share gifs that reflect her mood. She will also retweet multiple funny tweets with gifs daily. If she decides to upload photos on her Twitter, she uploads photos of her going to work. She promotes herself, so people who follow her can go and visit her at work. Most influencers who have followers do this, and it makes their following grow. She does ask her fans to ask her questions and she will reply. She does this once in a while and whatever tweet she likes, she then will retweet it. There have been times when she will ask a question, and people will respond in a bad manner and she responds negatively. She mostly retweets things that she agrees with. For example, her political views, she retweets peoples’ opinions that she agrees with. Sometimes they can be offensive or out of line but her followers still like the content. You can tell this celebrity prefers people to follow her or contact her via Twitter over any other social media platform because of the content on her Twitter Bio. Compared to her Instagram or Facebook she posted her direct contact information.  Influencers or people who like to receive information from companies that they can host or promote do this. I think that she is smart to select Twitter over Instagram or Facebook because there are more influential people on Twitter than Instagram or Facebook.

In my opinion it is hard to decide where she has the most influence on her followers or best chance to promote items. I say this because, she has more followers on her Instagram than she does on her twitter. Yet, she prefers to be contacted through Twitter. She has a much smaller following on Twitter, therefore she has less exposure to promote her image. If she was trying to stay relevant, which most reality Tv starts do, she would opt for the platform that would set her up for success. That platform then would be Instagram. Her Instagram is also more appealing as she uploads relevant information about her image, compared to her Twitter. Her Twitter consists more of personal thoughts and gift retweets. If a brand was trying to contact her to make her an ambassador, I’d say they would hesitate to reach out. Companies like for ambassadors to be active on all their social medias. She is not able to do this. I think in the long run this only hers her efforts to keep herself and her name interesting and trending on the internet. In conclusion, I would suggest to this reality tv star to be active on all her social medias because she does influence people. There are many people that want to be like her, and they follow her. She could take advantage of this and grow her following, so she could start promoting companies and make money. Instagram

She has 801K followers

She joined Instagram in 2014

She has posted 167 posts

She follows 1085 users – Twitter

She has 38.1K followers

Unable to see when she joined

She has posted 32.5K tweets

She follows 794 people – Facebook

Can’t see her followers

She joined Facebook in 2010



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