Case Study #4 The Rock



Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is an American wrestler, former professional football player and a current Hollywood actor. The Rock is beloved by many and has become one of if not the most influential people in the US. The Rock is an active member on social media and he uses the platforms to promote movies and to speak with his fans.
The Rock is very active on Facebook and he has over 58 million followers on there. The Facebook profile picture is an image of the Rock himself. The header for his Facebook is an image of himself in his upcoming movie “Skyscraper”. The Facebook page is flooded with images and scenes from the upcoming films that the Rock is in. There are also videos of the Rock working out and talking to the camera. There is also pictures/videos of the Rock relaxing and decompressing. The Facebook posts are full of likes, shares and comments from fans. The most recent video that was posted, was from the movie “Skyscraper”. This post had over 20,000 likes, 800 comments, just under 900 shares and over 465,000 views.
The Rock is also very active on Twitter. He currently has the exact same format for the header and profile picture as he does on Facebook. He has a link posted in his bio to get tickets to go see “Skyscraper”. The Rock currently follows 245 people and he has just over 13 million people following him. The Tweets include numerous posts of trailers and pictures of movies that he is in or that are upcoming. There are also many pictures posted on his timeline as well as videos. The Rock also has many comments and shares from his followers and he is very active in re-commenting or liking things fans send to him.
The Rock is also extremely active and in my opinion the most active on Instagram. He currently has over 110 million followers as well as 3.700 posts on Insta. He uses the same profile picture as he does on his other sites and he does not have a twitter header. The Rock has the same type of posts as he does on his twitter and Facebook. These include the videos and trailers involving the movies he is in. He is more active with posting things that are behind the camera and more into his personal life. He posts family pictures and numerous images of himself decompressing and relaxing after vigorous shoots. The Rock typically posts long statements and such under his Instagram. His latest Instagram post was a trailer from “Skyscraper” and it has 360 comments and over 103,000 views.
The Rock is a very entertaining and self-aware actor. He is very vocal and shows his love and support from his fans. He tends to post the same style of things on his social media accounts, but that is expected at times. It seems that he is very out on posting bio’s, because they are few and far between. An example of this is his Instagram, where the bio is just “Gratitude”. I would say that his Instagram is the best at interactions and usage by the Rock. The Facebook page has the most followers, while the Twitter is the easiest to respond to his followers.


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