Case Study 3 – Wolf Gaming Blog Analysis


The blog I will be analyzing is Wolf’s Gaming Blog. The author of this blog is Baden Ronie who uses writing as a way to relieve stress and started the blog as a way to deal with any time he was feeling down. He writes about a range of topics including video games, the latest technology, and board games. The blog is located at and that is a pretty easy URL to remember for audience retention.


After taking a look at the blog, it doesn’t seem very well organized. When the front page loads in, there are many different article titles thrown in your face. The top of the page has a menu with different six different links that take the reader around the blog. The title of the blog is “Wolf’s Gaming Blog” which is pretty straightforward, and it’s located right below the advertisement slot at the top of the page. Below that is his tagline of sorts that says, “Cutting through the bullshit of typical game journalism to deliver actual honest reviews.” This seems like a rather aggressive slogan that could put some potential readers off to the idea of the blog.


The only sign of social media on the main page of the blog is on the right side when you scroll down. It shows the authors most recent tweets and gives a link to his twitter page. Personally, I think that there isn’t enough representation of social media on his front page. Considering how important social media is nowadays, it should be front and center with links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever else he could publicize his reviews on. With that being said, he does have many different social media platforms listed below each article allowing people to share it through them.


The author has a section right above the twitter posts that show his most liked posts. He clearly wants to call attention to these so new readers can read through them and get a sense for his best work. I think this is a good idea and will give new readers a great snapshot of his writing. The titles of his articles are very straightforward and could use a little more creativity to pull people in to click on them. The articles are very informative and include many different pictures. The author doesn’t provide any sources for the pictures so I’m going to assume he takes all of them with his own camera.

The about me page gives a short summary of the author and how he started his blog. He talks about how he has cystic fibrosis and uses writing as a way to relieve stress. In the third paragraph, he writes, My ultimate goal is to prove that not everyone in the gaming media are corrupt idiots intent on delivering false reviews.” I think this was a bad decision to put on this page. I know he wants to express his opinions and that’s okay. It’s just a risky move to say that most media sources in the gaming industry are “corrupt idiots.” This could lose him a lot of opportunities for endorsements from other blogs and media sources in the industry. He also includes some more personal information including the fact that he’s a lifeguard, a drummer, and tends to get distracted by shiny objects.

When it comes to audience interaction, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of it. When looking at the top review on the “What’s the most liked stuff on this site?” list, it only has one like and doesn’t have any comments. He has over a thousand followers who hopefully are reading each article he posts. The author could make a larger effort to have his audience interact with his writing. With that being said, he does tell people to follow him and read his upcoming posts. He posts pretty frequently with sometimes doing a post each day for a couple days and sometimes waiting a week to do another. The lack of a schedule could make it confusing for people to know when to expect the next review. He could release a formal schedule and that could be very helpful for his readers.


This blog has good and bad things about it. I think the strongest part of it is the writing in the articles. Every article is well written and very thorough in what it’s trying to convey to the reader. While the articles are well written, they aren’t organized very well. The author could figure out a way to structure the articles and organize them in a more attractive manner. All in all, I like the blog and think it could continue to grow.


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