Who is Miley Ray Cyrus?

milry 3

Miley Ray Cyrus legally born as Destiny Hope Cyrus was born on November 23, 1992. Miley Cyrus was born and raised in Tennessee, daughter to one of the most famous country music singers Billy Ray Cyrus and let’s not forget to mention that Miley Cyrus is lucky enough to have the one and only Ms. Dolly Parton as her god mother. Being surrounded with all the music and fame it is not surprising that she herself would follow in the same footsteps as her father and god mother and pursue a career as a musician herself. Truth be told she’s not only just a singer she’s a woman of many talents.
In 2004, Miley beat out 1,000 hopefuls to land the starring role of Miley Stewart on the hit Disney Show Hannah Montana and just like that her rise to fame began. In 2008, she stirred up controversy by posing for revealing photographs that appeared in Vanity Fair magazine. The resulting criticism and media frenzy did slight damage to her career. It wasn’t till August of 2013 that Miley stunned the audience with her raunchy performance of her single, “We Can’t Stop.” This is how she removed herself from the sweet and innocent image that so many young girls admired and moved forward to a more provocative woman that now many aspire to be.
Even though you hear so much negative things about Miley Cyrus and how she should not be a role model for so many young women. There is an ongoing list of all the amazing things Miley has done all around the world. Miley gives a lot back to charities and fund raisers. She’s a huge supporter of LGBTQ rights, she started a charity for homeless youth, Fights for woman rights and is part of the #freethenipple campaign. Miley is also real big in improving the environment. One of my favorites stories is when fellow celebrity and friend Ariana Grande Manchester England tragic concert event happen Miley was there to not only support her friend, but sing along with so many other famous celebrities that gave back to help the families and fans that where affected on that tragic day. These are some of the many positive and good qualities of Miley Cyrus. Even though she started as an innocent child actress and yes to many she slipped of the wagon. It seems she was able to rise again stronger and better than ever before. Miley Cyrus continues now as a singer and song writer, showing to the world that there is more to her than simple lyrics.

Social Media Presence overview


Analysis and Evalution


facebook 1
Miley Cyrus has 45,509,179 people that like her page and 43,470,508 people that follow her Facebook page. Once you into her about me area on her Facebook page you see her hometown (Franklin, TN), her record label (RCA), (#YongerNow out now!) which is a promotion to her new album, Biography (Singer, Songwriter, Philanthropist, Entertainer, Actress), her gender and her current location ( Los Angeles). Her facebook is full of pictures, videos and post she enjoys sharing of her life with fans. She also shares information of tour dates, album release and a lot of family pictures. Both her profile picture and cover picture is from her latest album Younger Now. No matter what Miley post the response back are absolutely amazing, people show her so much love, with comments and likes. The Fans are so supportive of everything Miley Cyrus does in her career and her personal life.


Tweeter 2

On her Twitter account her name is Miley Ray Cyrus. She has 38.9 million followers and she follows 384 people mostly celebrities and a few family members and friends. Miley has 9,264 tweets. She has posted 2,296 photos and videos and has liked 270 other tweets. She first opened her Twitter account in March of 2011. Both profile and cover picture are the same as Facebook from her Younger Now album. Her post are pictures from family, friends and with other celebrities. She retweets a lot from the show called The Voice one of the projects she is involved in as a music coach and judge. Her post range, same days she post multiple times, then some days she won’t post nothing at all. It’s like she takes days off.



On her Instagram account Miley Cyrus has 73.9 Million followers and 566 people she follows. The people she follows are mostly other celebrities and perhaps a few family members and friends. She has 6,691 post which are a combination of both pictures and videos. Her post is a big reflection on how important family is to her. Then you have pictures of her just flaunting her personal style in cloths and some big moments in her life. The videos are from her in the show called The Voice.


Miley Cyrus has a youtube account that consist of all the music videos she has done. She has 727,047 subscribers. I personally think this is more of a fan based account, then her very own.

Summation of My Analysis

All of Miley Cyrus social media accounts have a lot of similarity, from posting the same pictures and videos. To making sure she updates her fans on album releases and tour dates.

Digital Foot Prints

When you search Miley Ray Cyrus you first get Wikipedia and I’ve always been told never to trust Wikipedia, so I won’t really say much about that link. Then you get a link to her twitter page. Then the third option is a link to Miley Cyrus fan page, where you can see news, videos, events and shop almost anything that she has out there. The fan based page is very colorful and it captures the fan immediately. In this website, there is an area that keeps all the fans on up to speed with news on anything and everything Miley is doing with her career. Then back on google, if I change the words just a little, meaning if I get more specific. Then you have top stories of what Miley Cyrus did or where she is performing, reasons why she is a bad influence. You have articles that trash her and then you have articles that talk about how amazing she is and some of the things she has done around the world. There are links that show you music videos and IMDb which shows what Miley Cyrus has started as actress. Miley sure has an extensive list of different topics that show an entertaining trail of her digital foot print. Also you can narrow down the search, you will read on awards she has received as a celebrity and the amount of charity she does. The life and journey of Miley Ray Cyrus has not been an issue one but I’m pretty sure it has been an amazing one.

Commendations and Recommendations

All of Miley Ray Cyrus social media speaks for itself. They are family oriented and she keeps her fans update with everything she is doing. To many she might seem like a reckless person. The reality is she is and can be a positive role model to many. Also she is trying not to let fame get to her head and live a normal life as best as she can. She is blessed to have an opportunity that many wish they have and she knows it.
If I had to recommend anything it will be for her to post more images with fans. To make sure she shows the fans more love and appreciation, because if it wasn’t for them she would not be where she is right now. Perhaps even post a little bit more of what’s on her mind because the fans love that.
A blog would even be more interesting. Since everyone thinks she’s so outrages. A live blog would be something that would keep the fans interested and watching. People love watching anything that has to do with reality T.V. This is why, a live Vlog would be phenomenal. Specially if she shows behind the scene of some of her projects or things she might be working on. If I had a chance to meet her I would tell her to continue being different, to continue loving herself and don’t let know one shame her for who she is.



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