“The” President Donald Trump


Donald J. Trump is the current president of the United States of America and was elected after a very rigorous and nail biting election in the 2016 Presidential race. He was sworn into office on January 20th 2017, in which before he became our 45th President Donald Trump was a Real estate tycoon and investor, and also was supposedly very successful in launching his reality T.V Series “The Apprentice”. Donald Trump, or we will refer to him as President Donald Trump sells our nations image both literally and figuratively. Donald Trump had announced his candidacy for President of the United States in June 2015, in Trump Tower New York. Donald Trumps T.V reality series “The Apprentice” started airing on NBC in early 2004. After Trump declared his candidacy for presidency of the Untied States, it was agreed upon that former California Governor Arnold Schwernzeneggger would take over as host. The show after that lost significant credibility as its liking and approval ratings dropped to around 35%. As President Donald Trump has made a very serious and emmet and prominent stance on social media throughout his campaign and carried over into his oval office leadership. Donald Trump throughout his campaign and throughout his tenure as President of the United States so far is attempting to, and completing of relaying his message to those who are both in his party and more moderate republicans as they are his target audience. Once in a while on Twitter, Donald will turn his attention to a democrat or even a celebrity such as Selena Gomez just to prove his worth or “stir things up”. In my opinion his use of this method is a bit immature but clearly some people do find it entertaining, as it does make heads turn.


Social Media Overview/Specs 

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram


Innovation and Social Media(s) Analysis 

Twitter: @RealdonaldTrump (www.twitter.com/realdonaldtrump 

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 10.05.56 PM

We certainly have all heart about our generation and our “tweeting” president Donald J. Trump. President Donald Trump’s Twitter page can be reached by searching the @Realdonaldtrump on twitter or simply by using the hashtag #donaldtrump in the search bar. According to his Twitter bio, Donald Trump decided to join the social media platform in March 2009. When he joined he was still a billionaire tycoon real estate investor, and the majority of his tweets post 2009 focused on that idea and targeted that small audience. In a brief follower analysis Trump is considered an online celebrity and has currently 46.9 Million followers and is currently only following 45! Check out that low ratio haha! Putting all politics aside I don’t think that Donald Trump really focuses his twitter page on what he really considers to be unimportant. Donald Trump’s twitter feed and page is filled with the majority of hate and insulting tweets towards anybody who goes against him or is considered an “Anti Trump” may certainly in-fact get a tweet from the president saying something unexpected or even demeaning. I have also noticed that it is very rare for the President to actually tweet about anything considered relavent and important in both his eyes and the nations eyes. Donald Trumps tweets are not active, and he doesn’t participate or engage his followers much on his twitter page, which is a shame considering he has so much to say and is our nations commander and chief.

Instagram : @realdonaldTrump

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 10.22.18 PM.png

Donald Trumps Instagram.. Something that many people seem to enjoy more than the average American Cheeseburger. The President’s instagram currently has 8.3 million followers; 2,932 posts that are surprisingly more interactive than his twitter page and is following 8. In comparison to his Twitter page, Donald Trumps instagram has a more interactive aspect to it, but he is following less people. His Instagram page, is in a way repetitive, as it is just meme’s of him doing certain things as president, and there is very few new content on his page. I think that he manages his instagram page himself as because I don’t see him as a very creative individual and his twitter page and style are a lot different. If you were to look at the average number of likes each of his photos gets on instagram he would average around 43k likes per picture. Donald Trump posts less frequently on his Instagram feed then he does on twitter. This is most likely primarily due to the fact that on twitter Donald Trump can actually use words not just pictures, and can use them certainly maliciously.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/POTUS

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 10.35.19 PM.png

Donald Trumps Facebook page is the worst social media page that the president currently owns. His facebook page averages about 6 million likes, and the content on their is just him or his staff for that matter just reposting youtube videos of the President doing things he should be doing. People need to see this and understand that out of all three social media sites that the president Utilizes, his twitter page dominates them all. President Donald Trumps Facebook Page allows him to post text status updates, but they seem very generic and extremely unauthentic.  On his Facebook page, President Donald Trump does very little if anything (although not surprising) to engage his audience and ultimately the people who elected him into office. Sad.


Conclusion : Is Donald Trump a Good Icon? 

Donald Trump, President of the United States and leader of the Free World seems to brag  and boast a lot about his communication skills, and how they have helped him grow his business ventures, but as seen from his social media accounts lacks the skill to effectively communicate with his audience through interacting with his voters, constituents, and the AMERICAN PUBLIC! Shocking!?


Digiatal Footprint : 

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 10.49.31 PM.png

If one was to make a simple google search of President Donald Trump they would see exactly or something relatively similar to the screenshot set forth above. It would bring up top trending stories of the President, maybe some of the serious and wacky things that may have happened within his administration. Then on the right hand side, it would populate his #wikipedia profile which is strange as it may need to be updated pretty soon. The title for his Wikipedia page is 45th U.S President. Pretty boring and bland no? If you were to click under the top trending news for Donald Trump you would see automatically his twitter page populate as the first digital footprint. This is very interesting as laid out per my analysis in part 1, President Donald Trumps Twitter page is the platform where he is most active.

Commendations and Recommendations for the President

Although everybody on social media has a right to freedom of speech, the right to interpret information and data as they see fit, I don’t think that President Donald Trumps social media usage is a great use of his time, and he certainly could be more proactive on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook with interacting with the people especially those who VOTED HIM in to office, yes Donald, we want to hear from you. On the contrary however, President Donald Trump does know how to click that “tweet” button! This is a great advantage because it gives him the power to with the sole click of a button share his ideas and thoughts relavent to whatever he sees fit. In a more sinister way its good to know that our President knows how to click Tweet, and assimilates the “Tweet now” button just as if it was the nuclear launch button, ready to destroy the world as we know it. I would improve President Donald Trumps social media presence by first allowing him to “tweet” ; post, and share proactively and intelligently. Donald may not realize that it may come back to haunt him after his presidency. Or does he not even care..?


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