Meghan Markle

What happens when a diverse American actress dates and then becomes engaged to a member of the royal family? Meghan Markle has lived this experience. Meghan is a popular American actress known for many roles in TV shows and movies. She is now better recognized as the fiancé of Henry Charles Albert David, also known as Prince Harry. With Meghan Markle’s rise to royalty, it is very unique to see how she has handled her social media and internet footprint. As a result from her recent engagement, Meghan has deactivated her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. She has stated that she hasn’t used her social media accounts for a while, thus the reason for deactivating. Prior to deactivating her profiles in December of 2017, Meghan had 1.9 million people following her posts on Instagram, and more than 350,000 Twitter followers. Although Meghan stated is was due to not using the profiles, Meghan’s soon to be sister-in-law conveniently gave a speech in the use of social media just the day after she deactivated her accounts.

Being a royal also comes with a few other guidelines. While she won’t be using any personal accounts, we can still see posts from her through the Kensington Palace accounts. While this may keep her from posting any harmful selfies, memes, or thoughts, this also means she does not get direct say on what does get posted on the social media accounts. While Meghan does have many fan pages, below are accounts that authorized to post media on her behalf.



  • The Royal Family – @TheBritishMonarchy
  • Number of Followers: 4,135,526

Meghan Markle is just one (soon to be) member of the Royal Family. This Facebook account tends to post several times a day and has attracted many users worldwide. Despite their professional profile, this does not keep others from commenting hateful comments to their posts. The profile managers have professionally not responded to any of these comments as responses can always be misconstrued. Out of the last ten posts, only one of them have been about Meghan Markle, featuring both her and Prince Harry on a trip across Wales.

Unlike other company profiles or profiles of celebrities, this Facebook profile is very refined stating facts within their posts instead of opinion. The cover photo depicts a very lively crowd and the United Kingdom flag. The profile picture shows Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip.


MM Twitter

  • Kensington Palace – @KensingtonRoyal
  • Number of Followers: 1.16 Million

The Kensington Palace Twitter page is now also the home of Meghan Markle. Although she hasn’t been officially added to the bio section, she has been a constant feature on the page as the bride to be of Prince Harry. Out of the last ten posts, she has been featured in all but two of them. This may also be due to the fact that Kensington Palace posts several times a day on their Twitter page as well. Similar to their Facebook page, the profile has a banner consisting of a very lively crowd waving the United Kingdom flag. Unlike their refined Facebook account, the profile picture on the Twitter account shows an image of Prince (Duke) William, Duchess Kate, and Prince Harry.

Comments from other users on this social media account have a much more positive demeanor in comparison to the Facebook account. Similar to the Facebook account, the managers have chosen to not respond to comments and only post statements and facts on the account.




  • Kensington Palace – @KensingtonRoyal
  • Number of Followers: 3.1 Million

Besides the forced layout of Instagram and Twitter, the accounts of the Kensington Palace look almost identical. It shares the same profile picture and recent posts. The major difference is the number of followers and who they are following. Although not a company of official one person, we can also note that all three of these accounts are verified.


Unfortunately for Meghan, deleting her social media accounts does not stop the hateful words or discrimination others on the internet have aimed towards her. Thankfully she no longer has be responsible for what is shown of her on social media. While this may be a weight off her shoulders, it does not stop other accounts from posting pictures of her taken from paparazzi or of other professional photographers. Through social media, Meghan has often been the subject of change. While many people dislike change, no one can predict what the future may bring.

Despite all the change Meghan has gone through in the past few years, joining the royal family is most likely the most transition she’s had to make. While she was in the spotlight previously, she is now a very public figure and expected to follow in the same footsteps as her soon to be sister-in-law Duchess Kate. Unlike Kate, Meghan did not grow up in an English boarding school learning all things etiquette. As many American actors do, Meghan had a large online presence through social media and interviews. While she has still been featured online and in interviews, she is now not only speaking for herself, but as a member of the royal family.

By not worrying about her social media accounts, one can be sure Meghan has had more time to focus on other things like planning her wedding! Disconnecting from the virtual world can often help connect better with the real one and those in front of us. With all the attributes that comes with joining the royal family, her personal social media accounts are most likely the least of Meghan’s worries.


Meghan Markle deletes all of her social media accounts



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