kim Kardashian



Kim Kardashian

Facebook IRL:

Kim Kardashian has total of 30 million like in facebook.


Her twitter username is Kim Kardashian West and has 58.2 million followers and follows 129 people. Kim has 25.5k tweets and she joined twitter on March, 2009.


On Instagram Kim has 106 million followers and she’s following 112 people. Her total number of post is 4,080 pictures




For starters Kim’s profile picture is from one of her campaign for the KKW beautyline that she launched. The header photo is just plain nude background, I think it’s because she went with a nude color scheme for her beauty line. This makes me think that this is more of a business page rather than a personal one where you document your life. Under the about me tab she has her date of birth, and the link to her website and also the link to her blog. Based on her most recent pictures, the most like one has 109k likes and based on the other pic it seems that when she post a picture of herself without a lot of clothes it generates more likes. Her page is full of pictures of herself from photoshoots, and a few family pictures. The videos that she posted are promotional one for her show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She like 7 people’s facebook and they are her sisters, mom and E! News. Whatever kim does seems to be working for her because she has a large number of people that like and follow her page. She knows how promote both her show and beauty line on this platform. The one thing where she could improve is posting less pictures of herself without any clothes, because for a lot of people she has a perfect body and those type of statement can make others believe that she has the ideal body.





Kim’s profile picture on her twitter looks like it’s from a red carpet event. In this picture she has blonde hair while in her Facebook profile picture she has black hair. The banner image is the same one from facebook, nude color a representation of her beauty line. As we move on to her Bio, she doesn’t include much information there. The only information that’s there is the date that she joined twitter and a link to her website. Her most popular tweets are those that she post along with a picture of herself. She has some promotional pictures that doesn’t that many retweets in comparison to one of her recent pics which had 48k retweet. In her tweets she also includes videos of herself getting her makeup done and other videos are about her beauty line. Kim has a combination of tweets and retweets. All of the tweets seems to be by her, but it’s hard to know for sure because a lot of celebrity hire people to manage their social media accounts. Kim seems to be an active user in both twitter and facebook as well. Based on what I have seen people tweet her a lot and she has a good amount of retweet, but I don’t think that she actually replies to a lot of them. She mainly replied to her family tweets. The tweets that Kim retweets are the one about her beauty line. Some people shared the products that they bought from her line and others praised her. Those seems to be the type of things that she would retweet.





Out of her two other social media account, Instagram seems to be a little bit more personal because she has a good amount of pictures with her family. Some of the pictures that she has are the same from Facebook because the two accounts are linked. For her profile picture she has the same from Facebook and the Bio in her page is a link to her website. She has a good amount of promotional pictures, some are from photoshoot, others are taken by paparazzi and there’s a good amount of family pictures.  Her most like pictures have about 3 million likes and most of her videos have about 7 million views. What I like about her page is that fact that she has the same theme for the pictures, meaning that they all have the same picture which makes the whole page look like one unit. The one thing she could improve is how she portrays herself. I don’t think that she should be taking pictures of herself half naked all the time because that might teach younger girls that Kim Kardashian has the ideal body.




Based on all the observations that I made, it seems like Kim Kardashian is more active with her followers on twitter. My reasoning behind this is because she retweets a good amount of tweets where she’s tag. Even though she has more followers in Instagram, twitter seems to be the platform where her followers receive the most engagement. I think that her Instagram is more appealing because her twitter feed is full of retweets and then her facebook is more for business purposes, but her instagram seems to be more balanced.



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