Head Chef, and his Social Media Presence

For this case study I will be analyzing the social media profiles of star chef and T.V celebrity Gordon Ramsay. Ramsay was born in Scotland, and he grew up in a town called Stratford-upon-Avon. Ramsey is known for his short and feisty tempers, and is the host of his show Kitchen Nightmares, where he goes around to failing restaurants or ones that seem to be distressed in some sort of way and “works his magic” on them.

Ramsay has a celebrity page on social media website www.facebook.com. His page is verified by Facebook in which his page has over 7.6 Million likes. In addition to being present on Facebook, Ramsey is also present on twitter with the unique twitter handle @GordonRamsay. He currently at the time of this post has 6.4 Million followers, and follows 34.1k of those followers. This can imply that Ramsey, is a bit more proactive then say Donald Trump on Twitter in terms of the “follow back”. Ramsey, also has what appears to be a very active twitter account, as he currently has 20.2k tweets since his profile inception in 2010. Now, on Instagram is ramsay’s username is @gordongram and this is his weakest point in terms of his social media presence as his Instagram followers are 3.7 million, currently following 4,196 and has currently 2,782 posts.

Gordon Ramsey’s Facebook fan Page can be reached by logging into Facebook and going into the search bar and typing for his name “Gordon Ramsey”. For the more savvy tech users and Facebook gurus, his page is also accessible by typing in the username for the page which is @gordonramsay. Ramsay’s public page profile picture is the same one that he uses across all of his social media pages, which is him in a chef’s suit. If you click on his page’s about me tab you will notice that under ‘contact info’ there is a direct link to his personal website? Is this a legit marketing technique? Why isn’t his personal website under “more info?” Under the “More Info” section there is a brief biography of Ramsay, and preceded by his gender. The most interesting thing about his “About me” page is that at the bottom of the tab, there are again direct links to Ramsay’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Pages. Clever! Ramsay’s page is filled with posts that are defiantly engaging his audience, and they are combined with text, photo and video content. Ramsay’s usage of all three aspects defiantly is a key factor as to why his posts average around 8.5k likes per post!  On the contrary, I believe that if Ramsay didn’t incorporate anything stimulating for his followers they simply wouldn’t be engaged enough to stay on his page, and just stick to watching him on T.V. Most of the digital photos that are on Ramsay’s page are photos of things that he has made, which is awesome! As with many social media pages, there are a few things that Mr. Ramsay can improve on. Although there are interactions between his fans and his page, there is clearly a deficit. Ramsay, has a great talent of engaging his followers and those who like his page, in shootouts, pictures, and video clips, there just needs to be more text interaction between him and his fans. In addition, I also believe that if Ramsay also put up videos of himself such as he does on Kitchen nightmares then he might be more successful in automating and engaging his audience.

Gordon Ramsay’s twitter page may be reached by searching in twitter his handle @GordonRamsay. Ramsay’s twitter profile is not surprising as his Facebook page profile picture and twitter are alike. Ramsay’s Twitter banner is defiantly visually appealing as it is him holding two kitchen knives simulating “Ninja Ramsay”. Gordon’s bio on Twitter is limited but it gets the job done. In his bio he is promoting a HASHTAG #UltimateFitFood which Gordon is promoting his new cook book. It is important to note that his bio says nothing about himself as a chef, or where he is from. There is also no geotag in his bio, indicating his nationality. At the bottom of his bio, there is a link to his website www.gordonramsay.com. Gordan’s most popular tweets include his thoughts on certain cooking topics, and in addition certainly the promotion of his cookbooks, and certain memorabilia. Gordon writes his own tweets, and is more active then on his Facebook page, engaging his audience by retweeting, liking and quoting his followers. I don’t think that his audience would be growing if he wasn’t doing that. Ramsay could improve his twitter profile by adding more to his bio, as it as previously mentioned barely even states anything about him, just promotes his cookbook. Ramsay has a majority of positivity and tweets on his profile, and seems to keep the negativity to his T.V personality which is a plus. Again, if Ramsay added anything or tweeted anything negative to his profile , people might already assume it as part of his personality and therefore just unfollow him. Defiantly a negative thing for both Ramsay and his Brand!


Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 3.19.13 PM

Ramsay’s Instagram profile can be reached by following @gordongram. Again, Ramsay’s Instagram profile picture seems to be the same as all of his other profile pictures (Facebook, and Twitter), and is him in a chef suit standing on the taxiway of what looks like London’s Heathrow Airport. The picture was probably taken right after Ramsay got of his chartered Jet coming back from a cooking trip. Mr. Ramsay must’ve cooked A LOT of steaks’ in order to afford these charted private flights. In a way misleading to those in industry but inspirational none the less. In his Instagram bio, Ramsay has the same exact bio as did his twitter page. This is very unappealing as it looks on the outside as if he couldn’t come up with anything better than to promote his new cook book. On his Instagram page, Ramsay has currently 3.7 million followers on Instagram and is following 4197 of them. The majority of his posts are short video clips of him cooking. The things that Ramsay could work on in his Instagram campaign is replying to his follower’s comments on his pictures, and again just as his twitter bio, he needs to worry about increasing his about me section and not make his bio so boring.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 3.38.29 PM

In conclusion, Gordon Ramsay has a very strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He is the most successful in engaging and interacting his followers on the social media site Twitter. His twitter page is also the most visually and content appealing, although his media footprint proves that Ramsay’s bio’s on all three websites could be better.


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