Case Study #3

For this case study, I have chosen to analyze ‘celinedejesus’s blog post on word press titled “Concerts & Vacation!” I am choosing to analyze this blog because while reading it, I remained very interested in hearing what she wrote about the more I got into it. The topic of her blog post is concerts and traveling. I, too, also love to go to concerts and occasionally travel if I have the money and freedom of time to go somewhere. I really liked the layout of this writer’s blog. I thought their blog had just the right amount of information and details to keep a reader intrigued. It includes an exciting header and title. I would say this person’s blog post is one of the most interesting ones of the COM 125 word press page. The post contains both pictures and a video to keep a viewer fascinated and interested in their topic. I don’t think I would ever be able to see eight concerts in one year. I can now completely understand that this writer must work a lot in order to be able to do these kinds of things. And some of the artists that she had seen in concert I listen to pretty consistently as I like them. The artists that I like that she saw in 2016 are Travis Scott, Kanye West, J. Cole, and Drake. I have heard a lot about the Coachella music festival that she went to and I would even think about maybe going one year. I think it is really cool that some people obligate time of their lives to travel because you only have one life to live and what day could be your last. This blog explains very well and shows that you can enjoy your live with fun and exciting things to do outside of school and work. This summer I am looking into and hopefully going to make my first ever trip to Martha’s Vineyard with a few friends. I have also been to a festival like the writer of the blog post I analyzed has. I’ve been to The Big E in Springfield, Massachusetts twice and saw country artist Cole Swindell for a performance there. I am also going to a couple country concerts this year including Cole Swindell with Chris Janson next month and Kenny Chesney with Dierks Bentley in August. But back to my analyzation of the writer’s blog post, I think they did a well job and kept a reader interested.



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