Redhead Runway

Case Study #3 Blog Analysis

Redhead Runway



A few of my friends and acquaintances have started their own blog. I have chosen the redhead runway blog by Caroline Forlenza for my case study. Caroline Forlenza is a junior at Notre Dame University pursuing a marketing degree. She has been and intern in Bottega Veneta Public Relations and ELLE Magazine Fashion News.  Based on her interest in fashion trends she devotes her blog redhead runway ( to fashion featuring outfits and accessories she finds appealing to young women. She has launched her blog in 2016.



The layout of the blog Redhead Runway is very well organized. The header is simple featuring the blog’s name. The title hints that the author is getting inspirations from the main stream designers often features on fashion runways.

The main part of the blog is very simple and appealing, mainly featuring pictures.

Caroline trying to make her social media footprint by posting pictures of herself wearing outfits that are fit for the season of the year, for the holidays we are observing, as well as she keeps her followers informed about her presence in the fashion world and about her travels to see fashion and the experiences she has in the fashion world. Caroline also links looks which she believes are worth trying out. She does not write lengthy descriptions about the styles. She sticks to easy rules of what she likes and what she does not like much.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 1.03.04 PM

The menu bar with four tabs is easily identifiable, featuring these links:

The Runway
The Redhead
In the Spotlight

The home tab contains her blogs with the looks she likes and models. She publishes photos from a few different angles to enable to viewers to see the details of the particular outfit part.  Below the pictures are listed the items she wears along with the links where the particular pieces of the outfit can be purchased. Similarly, the tab runway features Caroline in her favorite outfits mainly from her experience working as in intern in New York City. The tab In the spotlight is dedicated to Caroline’s picks and opinions on fashion styles features on social media. She gives her opinion on the outfits, what she likes about them and what she would do different. She chooses fashion designers she admires the most. The last tab is devoted to describe Caroline, her interests, where and how she can be reached, and her acknowledgement to people who help her with her career and her blog.

Forlenza’s blog is linked to a twitter account and to Instagram account. Her twitter account has 5 posts and 34 followers. Her Instagram account is more active as she links her looks to the blog as well as the Instagram. Her Instagram posts are averaging in about 200 likes and more. She also received a few positive comments.



Caroline relies heavily on visual content of her blog. She chooses to describe her outfits in details. Although her blog has been running for a couple of years, she seems to stick to the same theme – featuring high end fashion designers and links to her favorite looks and accessories. She does not have any particular posts written with the intend to sway her followers about her fashion sense. She does not write much about why she chose to wear certain pieces of a wardrobe. She is appealing to the audience of her age, mainly focusing on the visual presentation, while leaving the interpretation of the outfits to the viewers of her blog to make their own decision.  The titles of her post are compelling, clearly foreshadowing what to expect in the pictures that follow.  Although, the audience does not participate in the blog, her links to Instagram, twitter, and Pinterest makes us believe that Caroline is actively blogging for the fun and passion she has for a high-quality designer clothing and for fashion overall. We can also make this assumption based upon the fact that Caroline is not encouraging people to follow and promote her blog by subscription.


Keeping in mind that this blog was created by a 17 years old aspiring fashion marketing major student who loves to express herself by the way she presents herself in a sense of fashion and being put together, this blog accomplishes just that. Caroline Forlenza enjoys posting picture of her outfits and outfits she admires. The blog could be a bit more organized as far as the menu categories go.  It may seem that instead of four tabs she could use three tabs at most.  She could have a tab about herself, another tab about the runway outfits featured in magazine and other press and media. The third tab could be dedicated to featuring her outfits and recommendations based on holidays, seasons, or occasions.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 1.16.34 PM.png


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