Blog Analysis: Selena Receives Her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, a Dream Lives on in Song


After an endless amount of search, I came across this blog written by Shirley Halperin. If I had to be honest it was the title of the blog that caught my eye, As Selena Receives Her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, a Dream Lives on in Song. This blog describes and talks about the Iconic simple Selena is even after many years of her no longer being here with us. The blogger goes into detail on why Selena influence gained her a star on Hollywood walk of fame.



This blog is what some may call very black and white. The blog has about 13 paragraphs that talk about some of Selena’s most vital moments in life. There is not much when it comes to the details on the actual blog or things that makes it stand out. If you choose the option to go to the article on Variety you then see more of the article. Variety is a website that you can pretty much search anything related to movies, music, awards, tech, politics and almost any artist out there. Back in the actual blog by Shirley you see in the very beginning, there’s a picture of Selena, a campaign she had done when she was very young for the Coca cola company. While in the bottom there’s a video of the actual night of the event. Selena’s family was awarded with the Hollywood walk of fame star. After the YouTube video, there are more related blogs of the actual same event that are written by other bloggers.


There are no quick links to see the most popular blogs for this blogger. If I click on the actual blogger it shows me another blogs Shirley has made. All of Shirley blogs are music related in some form or another. Shirley has about 112 followers as of right now. People commenting on her blogs range but not very popular which makes sense since she only has a certain number of followers. Her other blog post is pretty much similar as the one I have chosen. The Layouts look all the same and not much to click on or view. I personally did not choose her blog for the layout I choose it because the title interested me since I’m a fan myself.



As a true Selena Fan, I believe this blog not did do much justice. It was good don’t get me wrong but it could have absolutely been better. I’m a Latina who grew up in the 90’s and in love with Selena. So, my choices would have been different and perhaps over the top when it came to presentation on my blog to tell any story regarding Selena or why she did deserve that star on Hollywood’s walk of fame. But as many of us know Selena was and still is an incredible inspiration to many female woman and artist in today’s era. I would have added more images of her and her family, YouTube videos of Selena performing and even some of her most amazing moments. I would have made my writing purple since we all know it was Selena’s favorite color. Also, I would have even added a preview of Selena’s movie to have people a chance or choice to see it, to allow people to know this is how amazing Selena was that they even made a movie about her. Above it all a link to Selena’s fan based webpage so people can have the opportunity to read and learn more about this Iconic performer taken from us to early in life.



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