If Only We Were all Saving Country Music…


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Growing up in the south, there aren’t many things more sacred than true authentic country music.  We spend Saturdays with Classic Country Saturday Night and many other nights enjoying many many many festivals filled with all things country.  Country music has made a turn in the last decade or so.  It is a rare occurrence to hear true country.  Kyle “The Triggerman” Coroneos created the blog Saving Country Music to present the major issues with today’s country music.  His blog is much bigger now than his original Free Hank Williams III blog therefore he is not the sole author and actually has a number of bloggers that aid him.


The layout of this blog is extremely simple.  There is nothing visually drawing you in.  Instead when entering their site you see a dark drab background with a small logo image in the left corner.  Below the image there are 7 menu items in white.  These include home, about, mailing list, live, contact, charter, and advertise.  Next, you will see orange widgets for Twitter, Facebook, google+, and Instagram.  Below the widgets is a small stream of what I believe is advertisements followed by the actual blog posts.  Scrolling down past the most recent posts,  there are more options such as categories, recent comments, blogroll, and “more from saving country music” which seems to be older blog posts that got a good amount of attention.

Paraphrasing, The Triggerman is the editor, creator, and head writer of savingcountrymusic.com.  His writing has inspired songs by major artist including speculation of Taylor Swift’s “Mean”. He has been quoted and interviewed by many credible sources such as The New York Times and featured on a podcast from Wide Open Country.  In addition he is a published author and has written for many other sources.  They go into much more depth in a quite humorous way in the about section if anyone is interested.

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The content of Saving Country music is just that.  Triggerman and his fellow bloggers are passionate about restoring country music and exposing the crap that has become country music today.  The posts here aren’t worded with catchy titles and don’t post many photos, but they come with a punch.  Each article is wonderfully written and that doesn’t come as a surprise after knowing Coroneos background.I think that it would definitely be an improvement to break-up the text with more images for better digestion.  That being said, they do choose great photos and videos when using them, but I would love to see more!

There is now a swarm of pop country which changes country music as it was known and love.  This draws a wider fan base, but discourages those who love the raw, classic greatness that country music already was.   There is a whole section of blogs titled “Down with Pop Country” filled with posts regarding  the overtaking of pop country.

While these aren’t the only blog posts, they certainly are the most popular.  These are what draws people to this blog.  You can click on any of the posts in this section and clearly see the interaction of the audience, most of which seem to agree with the postings.

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While the setup here allows for easy audience interaction on the site, it doesn’t make sharing easy which could lose them potential audience.  The set up of the blog seems more matter of fact.  Other than the mailing list link, there isn’t the usual Like, share, and follow urgency.  In a world of social media, accessibility to sharing should be just a click away.  For an accomplished blog, I’m rather surprised by it’s simplistic and almost ancient approach.  I didn’t take time to view the social media presence of Saving Country Music, but maybe this is where the more modern touches come into play!


This blog does such an amazing job presenting it’s point.  You can observe the passion that this team feels towards country music with each post.  The writing is fact based when relaying news with the perfect amount of self reflection and opinion.  While bullying is “Mean”, here I feel that it may be justified.  Country music was once written about things you related to such as love, heartache, pride, friendship, and so much more.  Over the years, that has deteriorated to shape today’s music that focuses on objectifying women and parties or completely losing the country sound.  Triggerman does a great job of making readers aware of these problems.

Country Music Hall Of Fame And Museum Hosts Medallion Ceremony To Celebrate 2017 Hall Of Fame Inductees Alan Jackson, Jerry Reed And Don Schlitz : News Photo

I wouldn’t consider the blog perfect because it definitely has it’s flaws.  Like I previously stated, I would love to see more photos or videos.  The website could also use an overhaul.  The design is very drab and not very user friendly.  Navigation is certainly doable, but it does leave you wishing for more organization. Overall, I would definitely suggest those who love true country music to follow their posts for quite a few laughs, debates, causes and great stories.




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