Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman

wonder woman


Wonder woman has a new face by the name of Gal Gadot, an actress, model, and pageant winner from Israel. At a young age, she entered and won the Miss Israel pageant competition. Winning the competition assisted in her take off career in modeling. Soon after she completed the two-year mandatory service to the Israel defense forces, and decided law school would be her next move. While attending school and receiving calls for perspective acting roles, it sparked an interest to peruse acting over law school.

Gals first role was in an Israeli TV show, but it did not stop there. In 2009, she landed a role in the fast and furious films playing Gisele, and stuck with the movie franchise for three films. Before landing her solo film as wonder woman, that was released in June 2017, her character was introduced in Batman vs. Superman and an appearance was mad as wonder woman.

Facebook URL:

# of Facebook likes: 9,793,394

Twitter username: GalGadto

# of Twitter followers/# of Twitter users follows: 1.4 million followers   76 follows

# of Tweets: 1269

Date the celebrity/company joined Twitter: April 2009

Instagram username: Gal_gadot

# of Instagram followers/# of Instagram users follows: 12.1 million   544 follows

# of Instagram posts: 883


 Gal Gadots Facebook page promotes the new movie, Justice League that she is featured in as wonder woman. The cover picture on her Facebook displays the six main super heroes in the movie and her profile picture is a professional picture focused on her face. In this profile picture, there are many positive compliments and Gal commented on a few thanking them. That looks like the only interaction of her replying throughout her Facebook page.

Recently Gal has been posting about the movie Justice League, the press tour in London and also shared a post from rotten tomatoes; about the 50 best superhero movies. There is a post where she voiced appreciation towards some woman who help save lives on daily basis; there was a nurse, marine, pediatrician, fire fighter, and an air-force captain in the picture as well. UK Glamour magazine features Gal in there December 2017 edition and that was posted onto her page as well. Most post on Gals page include pictures or videos and posts like the one below:

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 1.48.32 PM

The about me section of her profile has minor information. It states her birthday, a link too her website and a widget to her Instagram page; her gender and job title as an actor ends the about me section. In the photo section, she does not have a lot of albums and her most phots are in the timeline album. Gal has a lot of videos, some posted were when she hosted SNL, the justice league tour, fast and the furious clips etc. Gal has created a fundraiser underneath the name let’s make education possible for all children, and has access to it underneath the fundraiser tab.

The celebrity’s Facebook audience interacts with all her post, and the most interaction is for the promotion of Justice League. There are many positive comments, but some negative ones as well, relating to Ben Affleck as batman. I do not think Gal is in control of her Facebook, this is assumed because posts are made to this account every few days and her Facebook and twitter mirror one another with post. I think her face book could be improved if there was a little more interaction with her fans.

The first thing I realized about Gals Twitter page is that it mirrors her Facebook. Her banner and profile picture are the same as Facebook. All the post made to her Facebook account were made to her twitter as well and her bio includes just a link to her website. There is no uniqueness to distinguish the difference in both accounts, and that is one suggestion I would make, to make each account unique.

Gals twitter account displays a little more interaction than Facebook. She follows 76 twitter accounts and liked 1207 post. There are a few shares, some retweets and some responses to other people in her line of work like a director. Most post include pictures and videos and the audience interacts well with posts. Her likes for most post is in the thousands, then the number of retweets and lastly the comments section displays the least attentions from fans. She receives a lot of positive comments regarding fan love, movie love, and towards her looks. There are not a lot of negative tweets posted, but one that did stick out was about a person stating hopes for Gal to pick up serious acting rolls.

I think Gals twitter is controlled by a company, but I also think she post as well. An example of this would be when she tweeted a director that she liked his work. Some tweets that were retweeted by Gal are regarding raising money for suicide prevention, and there was another from the Fallon tonight twitter account, regarding an appearance. As stated before Gals twitter page should not mirror her Facebook and I think Gal or the company controlling her account need to interaction with fans.

The Instagram picture Gal Gadot has posted, is the same professional photos of her face like her twitter and Facebook pages. The bio contains a link to buy the wonder woman movie, that recently came out on DVD. Some of the pictures posted are the same ones posted on her other social media pages, but there are new ones as well.

The most recent popular photo that caught a lot of attention of Gal can be found by the hyperlink above. The photo is a picture of her modeling a pair of glasses by a brand called cool-ray made by Erroca. Videos always have more views than pictures on Instagram, and the wonder woman videos on the page had over three million views.

Gal’s Instagram followers leave a lot of positive comments regarding her beauty, excitement for the movie, and congratulating her on success. A few negative comments I seen were about working with ben Affleck, and negativity towards Israel. On all of her post on Instagram there are many comments and likes from her followers. I think Gal shares controls to her Instagram and is not the main poster, because there are some pictures posted that seem personable to her that aren’t related to her celebrity life. I like her Instagram page and I would only improve the profile picture, so it is not the same as other social media pages.

The social media platform with the most interaction to the audience is on Instagram.  Out of the three accounts it was my favorite to view because it showed viewers a better sight into Gals life. There isn’t much interaction with the audience on any of her social media pages, but her followers do react, through liking or commenting. I enjoyed getting to learn about Gal Gadot and am excited to see her new movie Justice league.

Justice League trailer… check it out









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