Brent Faiyaz is a 22 year old R&B singer who made his jump to fame within a relatively short time. At the beginning of the year he had only a few hundred thousand streams on Spotify but now he has millions of streams. He is notoriously known for wearing “clout goggles” a new fashion trend that has these sunglasses plastered everywhere. Brent has Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but is mostly on Twitter and Instagram. You can check his Facebook here. He has almost 7,000 likes on his Facebook page but don’t let that fool you, he is on his second tour. His Twitter can be found here. His Twitter username is just his stage name @brentfaiyaz. He currently has 32,000 followers while following 87 people. He has almost 1,300 tweets. And joined in September of 2011. As for his Instagram which can be seen here. He has 49,000 followers while following 594 people. He only has 34 posts.

clout gogglesBrent with clout goggles


His profile picture is his album cover and the cover image is a picture of himself. His posts are his original content or reposts from his R&B group Sonder, with producers Dpat and Atu. He promotes his most recent album Sonder Son and his upcoming tour. He also occasionally posts pictures. There are videos of him in the studio with the rest of the Sonder crew making music and performing at shows. He likes another page called BBC Introducing in London, that is the only page he likes. The comments and interaction from fans are positive. Everyone asks about whether the show in their area is sold out or if tickets are still available for the event.Under his About section it shows all links to contact him and links to his other social media and where you can listen to his music

Things to improve about the page would be to add more interaction for Facebook. Not everyone has a Twitter or Instagram some only have Facebook and due to the limited updates on his Facebook they won’t be as up to date. For example, he announced that some shows were sold out on Twitter, but on Facebook, there were no posts notifying which shows were sold out. Being that i don’t use Facebook as often that is the only problem I see with his page.


His profile picture is the same for his Facebook, his album cover, and the banner picture is another picture of him. For his content he replies to some fans and also retweets critics that review his album. Brent generally speaks his mind on his Twitter. In his bio there is just a link to his website Some tweets do contain pictures and other forms of media. For example, he has retweeted videos of him performing live and posted pictures of himself in the studio or on tour. His tweets are a combination of his own and retweets. He had negative feedback to a tweet many misinterpreted, but once clearing things up the fans who lashed out negatively were in the wrong. As for what he can improve on, I don’t really see anything that needs improvement. He keeps fans updated on Twitter daily and is one of his most active social media accounts.

People tweet Brent everyday but when it comes to responding he only responds to a select few. He retweets fans that have supportive messages or ones that have videos of him performing. He retweets people promoting his album or giving reviews. He also retweets people that he works with helping them get bigger using his platform to give them exposure.


His profile picture for his Instagram is like the other accounts, his album cover. His bio promotes his album, Sonder Son, and has his website linked to it. His most popular post was a video of him and the rest of the Sonder crew going on stage in Washington D.C getting 12.7k likes. His most popular picture is a candid of him getting a haircut with 11.1k likes. I think he could improve his Instagram with more pictures. Give more depth into who Brent is or at least what he does. I understand he tries to keep it minimal and being a celebrity he would like to keep his life secret.

As for his audience interaction, on his most recent picture he got 41 comments and they were all positive. Other posts with over 100 comments all have positive comments. Comments are all about how they love his music, how they listen to it with their kids everyday, or that they are just huge fans.


Twitter is his most active account. Fans are more likely to get a response from him on Twitter than Facebook or Instagram. I would say his Twitter is more appealing because it shows that he is actually active. He can go days even weeks without posting on Instagram or Facebook. His Instagram is rather plain looking and his Facebook is too. It looks as if it is managed by someone else. Just updated when needed. Compared to his Twitter he is active, it shows that it is actually him. It shows his character, it shows that it is run by him rather than a corporate person.


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