Sam Smith


The person that I chose to do this assignment on is Sam Smith. Sam Smith is a 25-year old singer-songwriter from London,England. He rose to fame in October of 2012 when he featured on Disclosures hit single “Latch”. He released his debut album, In the Lonely Hour, in May of 2014 and has just this week dropped a new album, The Trill of it All. Sam Smith’s Facebook page, ,currently has 5,948,900 likes with 5,833,593 follows. His Twitter ,@samsmithworld, with 5.23 million followers, following 1,290, he joined in January of 2012, and currently has a total of 12.9 thousand tweets. On Instagram, which is also @samsmithworld, has 7.9 million followers, following 841 with 2,904 Instagram posts. As you can see he is very active on twitter and Instagram.

On his Facebook it seems to be the basic celebrity promo stuff. Most posts are duplicate posts from either Instagram or Twitter. Each post still gets thousands of likes and comments with hundreds of shares. Comments are nothing but positive, mostly raving about his new album. His profile picture and cover photo are the same picture of himself. Under the about tab you can find contact information to his management team. Also you can find a link to his official website where you can also go to listen to his brand new album. The more popular post is the post officially releasing the link to his album. Other popular posts are one about his new album, such as videos to his new songs.

On Twitter he is way more active and where he really connects with his fans. His cover photo is the same on from Facebook but his avatar is a different black and white picture of himself that is edited that is diagonally mirrored. His bio is a cute little line “I sing for supper”. A lot of his content his based around his new album. The past few days, in between tweeting something original, he has been retweeting a lot of his fans when they tweet him lyrics to his songs off the new album. You can only imagine what his mentions and direct messages look like. He gets so many replies, likes, and retweets on all of his tweets. With the of people that follow him there is no way he is replying to everyone that direct messages him. For what it looks like he is getting again nothing but positive replies raving about him and his new album.

His instagram, @samsmithworld, seem to be more of his favorite social media. He posts a lot of pictures a day. Still a lot about his album but also he shows off his modeling skills since he posts a lot of photoshoot pictures and personal pictures with friends and such. His avatar is the same as his twitter one. Also he has the same line in his bio from twitter. His most popular post/videos are the ones of him singing. They at least have a 1 million views on them. On average for his posts he of course gets thousands of likes and comments. All comments and reactions super positive and supportive

Sam Smith seems to be more successful on instagram since he has the most followers on that account. It is also where he get more likes, comments and views than another account he has. Although on his twitter he is more actively connected to his fans.


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