Jessie James Decker


Jessie James Decker is a country singer and the founder of a clothing line, Kittenish. She is married to Tennessee Titan wide receiver Eric Decker. The two have a daughter, Vivi, a son, Eric Jr., and another baby boy on the way.

Jessie James Decker’s Facebook page,, has 1,013,818 likes. Her twitter account, @JessieJDecker, has 602.9K followers, and she follows 51.6K people. Jessie joined Twitter in March 2009 and has 21.4K tweets. On her Instagram account, Jessiejamesdecker, she only follows 299 people, but has 2.7M followers who love seeing her 3,122 and counting posts.

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Jessie James Decker’s Facebook profile picture is her album cover photo. Her cover photo is the same picture, but more zoomed in to only show her face and has the title of her album on it. Under the “about” tab on her page, Jessie James Decker (JJD) has links to her other social media accounts, her manager’s information, booking information, and her career information with links to get her album and clothes.

JJD’s most popular timeline posts are photos of her kids. Her promotional posts about her album seem to have the least amount of likes and interaction. The posts made on her page seem to be made by Jessie James Decker herself as they are the same as her Instagram posts, which she manages herself. Her page also likes Facebook pages that belong to various country radio stations.

I think Jessie James Decker could improve her Facebook presence and interaction level by posting more worded statuses instead of just reposting the same pictures on her other platforms. If she posted occasionally to interact with her fans, that may help her get a higher following and number of likes on her posts. However, of the interaction JJD does get on her posts, it is very hard to find negative comments on her posts. Most comments are positive, uplifting, and loving.


Jessie James Decker’s Twitter profile is similar to her Facebook profile. Her profile and banner photos on Twitter are the exact same as her profile and cover photos on Facebook. JJD’s bio says “I pee in the shower” and includes her album title, the link to purchase her album, and some of her business information.

Similar to her Facebook, JJD’s tweets are the same pictures that she posts on her Instagram. Although, she does retweet tweets that have to do with her and her album that she herself has not tweeted out. Again, the tweets that get the most amount of likes and retweets are tweets of pictures of her kids, and the tweets that get the fewest amount of likes and retweets are the tweets about buying her new album.

JJD produces her own tweets and retweets things she feels fit to her timeline. If she wanted to improve her interaction on Twitter, she could tweet more worded tweets instead of just pictures.

People do tweet at Jessie James Decker, and she sometimes responds or retweets them, depending on the subject of their tweet. The tweets she responds to or retweets are usually tweets that have to do with her new album or contests she has regarding the album. Sometimes, she also retweets or responds to tweets she agrees with. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of people retweet JJD’s tweets every time she tweets. For professional purposes, I’m sure, Jessie James Decker responds to or retweets positive things only and keeps negativity off of her profile.


Jessie James Decker’s Instagram bio lists the things she does for work and what she is known for such as “singer/songwriter/designer Founder of @Kittenish and Bless your hair”. Her bio also contains her latest album and the link to purchase it. JJD’s profile picture is a nice headshot of hers from the photoshoot for her new album, Southern Girls City Lights.

JJD posts a variety of pictures on her Instagram including business posts, promotional posts, pictures of her living her life, food posts, and pictures of her family. The most popular photos and videos on Jessie’s Instagram are the photographs she posts of her family. I think Jessie’s posts would all get absurd numbers of likes if they all featured her family or food instead of promotional and business posts.

After scrolling through Jessie James Decker’s Instagram, it is clear how much her fans love her and love her posts. On four of her last five posts, I saw nothing but positive an loving comments. However, one picture she recently posted of her kids had the comments turned off. That could be for many reasons. She could have turned them off because the post receive negative comments, or she could have simply been protecting her children.


Jessie James Decker is definitely more successful on Instagram. Instagram is the social media platform where she has the most followers. Also, the majority of her posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter are just the pictures that she posts on her Instagram. JJD seems to be best at posting pictures, which is Instagram’s only usage. She also uses her Instagram story to post the meals she is cooking for dinner or what she is doing with her day. She seems like a more fluent Instagram user than any other social media platform.



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