Elle Mills

The celebrity that I chose is Elle Mills. You may not have heard of her because she’s a youtube celebrity, gaining success by videos. Recently her videos have been more popular, they have been shared around Facebook multiple times. Her comedic attitude towards anything in life really caught my eye when thinking of a celebrity. I’ve only been watching her videos for a short time and I thought she would be a great celebrity to write about. With her just becoming known she’s already been to so many places around the world traveling for business and meeting fans.


Elle Mills facebook URL is https://www.facebook.com/elleofthemills/ her page has 510,664 people like her page at this moment. Her twitter username is @millselle and has 285 thousand people following her. She is following only 186. Since she has joined twitter in July of 2012 she has only tweeted 910 times. With her Instagram her username is Elle.mills. The number of followers that she has on that social media site is 290 thousand followers and she follows 196. She has posted 144 times since creating her Instagram account.


Facebook- Elle Mills facebook describes a lot about her personality. It has a lot of read and fun typography fonts. This creates a bright and fun atmosphere when just clicking onto her page. Her profile picture is of her wearing a coke shirt making a silly face. Almost like she’s trying to say “I don’t know” or “oops”. It has drawings to outline her body in a cartoon way and she made a crown on her head. Her cover image is very similar to her profile picture. It is her name in red drawing and her picture. The information that is in her about page is her managers email, her youtube link, her Instagram page link, her snapchat page link, and her twitter page link. Her actual about herself is a funny comment that she made to sit back and relax and shell be back with snacks. She put herself under a public figure which I would consider she is. One of her recent videos that she posted on Facebook was a comment and link to her youtube video. it was called “I surprised my brother with a slumber party with all of his exes.” This video got 621 thousand likes and 285,457 shares and even more comments. All of her posts contains a comment from her and a link to her youtube page to a certain video that she posted most recently. There are never posts about articles anywhere on her Facebook page. I would say that posts are created by Elle. I would say this because she is the one that created the videos, edits the videos and does all of her own branding I would say, with a little help from her manager I’m assuming. None of her posts are reposts about anything. Her content mostly consists of videos and pictures about her life and video content that she creates. Elle does not like anyones posts about anything else. I like how each post and the colors of her page are consistent throughout all of Facebook and other social media platforms as well. Her audience interaction on Facebook is very limited. There is not much free expression to talk to people on this site.

Twitter- Elle’s content on her profile contains a lot of pictures and captions about her life. Her profile picture and her banner image are the same as her profile picture and her cover image in her Facebook profile. She keeps it consistent which is a very good way for marketing herself to her viewers. This would make it very easy to find her in any social media site. Her information in her bio includes her managers email and her merchandise website. Her youtube page link is also connected in her bio and also her birthday and the year she joined which was July of 2012. Her most popular tweet is about bringing her high school teacher to a high school party. She also has a link to the video she created about bringing her high school teacher to a high school party. Her high school teacher was her favorite and she retired that year making her really being able to go to a high school party without getting into trouble with the school itself. All of Elle’s tweets are pictures and videos with caption explaining them. All of her tweets seem to be written by herself since she created each video and with her personality I can hear it by reading her captions of each comment. I think that Elle should tweet more about herself as like in the moment type of stuff rather than just her promoting her content. Although since she is doing so well promoting herself I think she is doing a great job because this is what she’s making a career out of it at 19 years old just out of high school. She doesn’t have much social interaction with her fans on twitter that often.

Instagram- Elle’s content on her Instagram profile is clean and funny. I would say its clean because it has the same color scheme throughout the page. Each post looks like she’s enjoying whats she’s doing. She takes time to edit her photos it seems or at least takes them with a professional camera and then uploads it to Instagram. Her profile picture is the same exact photo that she has on her twitter and her Facebook profile pictures as well. It is her with an outline of her body making her looks cartoonish but still have the same photo of her with a professional photo. In her bio she has a link to her youtube page, bringing the audience to her main portal of communication. Her most liked photo of this year is a picture of her sister graduating from college and Elle holding a sign up next to her with the saying “her mom did half of her assignments”. This photo got 66 thousand likes from her fans. I like that all of her photos are edited and taken from a professional camera. This makes the photos seem brighter and less pixelated. Interacting with your audience on Instagram seems hard. You can’t interact with them in any way except reading there comments. Elle does not really do much interacting here on Instagram.


I think that Elle Mills is more successful interacting with her audience on Facebook. I think this because its where her posts gets shared around the most and liked and commented on. Most of her links to other social media is on her Facebook page. Her Facebook page is the heart of her business, this site helps bring so many new people to her page and then to her other social media platforms. I think that Instagram is more appealing though. I feel that pictures show more about a person. Some pictures she posts make you feel and wonder what she was doing and what was happening in that moment. The only way to find out what was going on was to find her youtube page or go back to Facebook and find her content there. Although, I do also believe that Twitter gives off a more friendly one on one vibe. It makes you feel as if you were friends with any celebrity by the way they post and how you can reply even though they might not reply back. All social media cites give you an interactive feel with Elle Mills. All you have to do is watch her and she makes you feel as if you were sitting next to her and have been friends for a long time.


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