Case Study #4 – Post Malone


The celebrity whose twitter profile, Facebook page, and Instagram account I will comparing and contrasting is the musical artist Post Malone. Post Malone is a 22-year old rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and guitarist who grew up in Grapevine Texas. Post Malone started becoming known when he dropped his debut single in February of 2015, and his career really took off in December of 2016 when he released his debut studio album “Stoney”, which went platinum, and reached number four on the U.S. Billboard 200. He is most recently known for his single “Rockstar”, which was released less than two months ago, reached number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, and also is the first single from his upcoming album “Beerbongs & Bentley’s”, which currently has no release date. Post Malone has a large fan base for being a fairly new artist, especially on social media. Post Malone’s Facebook page,, currently has 1,139,975 likes, and also 1,157,107 follows. Post Malone’s most active social media account, Twitter (@PostMalone) currently has 1,941,600 followers, while only following 2,210. Post Malone joined twitter in October of 2012, and currently has a total of 7,185 tweets. Although he is most active on twitter, the social media with the most following is his Instagram account, @PostMalone. On Instagram, Post currently has 4.4 million followers, while only following 563. He currently has 590 Instagram posts.



Post Malone’s least used social media account is his Facebook, @postmalone, where he posts once a day, if at all. His profile picture is his singe “Rockstar” cover picture, and his cover photo is a close up of hide nose, eyes and eyebrows. Under the about tab is the link to his website, and also how his single “Rockstar” was #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. He usually posts articles, pictures, or videos on his Facebook. There was also no likes on his page. The pictures on the Facebook were already the ones posted on Instagram. I would make the Facebook page more unique, instead of reusing the posts already made on his other social media accounts.


Post Malone’s most used social media account is his twitter account, @PostMalone. His profile picture is a picture of him wearing a crown, smoking a cigarette, and holding a sword. You can’t get much better than that. His banner image is a picture of his newest single “Rockstar” cover. In his bio it says “Stoney is available everywhere” with his location “somewhere with Jazzy Eff” and a link to his website His tweets usually get a lot of attention. His most recent viral tweet was “whoever uses a shotgun in CoD ya moms a hoe” which received 130K retweets and 375K likes. His other tweets are mostly words but will occasionally post a funny selfie of himself. The majority of his tweets are written by him, but does have some occasional retweets. His twitter receives a lot of love, as he uses it exceptionally well. He hasn’t responded too much to his fans responses and tweets, but that’s very difficult to do since he receives so many tweets.


On Instagram, @PostMalone posts fairly regularly. His profile picture is the picture from his most recent, and first album “Stoney”. The album cover I a picture of him with an orange background. The picture of him on this orange background is also somewhat orange, with everything else being black. In his bio, he has his name listed as “Posty” and also has “#Stoney available everywhere,”. His bio is exactly what you expect from an artist, advertisement for his most recent music, as well as a link to his merchandise website. According to, Post Malone has a total of 8,877,833 likes and 84,226 comments, over his last 20 posts for an average of 443,892 likes, and 4,211 comments per post. His most liked photo was posted exactly a week ago today, a picture of himself in a white, buttoned down shirt, holding a Bud Light. This post currently has 831,573 likes, which is almost double the average over his past 20 posts. This post is also his second most commented post, with 10,218 comments, which is more than doubled his average comments. Looking through his posts, the more pictures he posts of himself, the more likes he will receive. The audience reactions to his Instagram posts are all extremely positive. More than 99% of the comments on his Instagram posts are positive.


Post Malone is most successful on his Instagram account. It has his most followers, and receives the most likes and comments of the other two, Facebook and twitter. His most appealing social media account is twitter. He uses it the most out of the three, and it is by far the most entertaining. He posts pictures, and he tweets very funny things which go viral.


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