Blog Analysis: 4 The Love Of Animals


One thing that I love and I am really passionate is animals.  I looked at a few animal blogs, but one that really stood out was 4 The Love Of Animals.  It incorporates a vast majority of topics that include; tips for owning a pet, animal news, do it yourself projects for your pets, pet supplies reviews, and more.  It is a very informative and up to date blog about all things animals.  I think it can be very helpful for first time pet owners as well.  They also advertise pet products and a portion of their advertisements gets donated to Best Friends Animal Society, and other animal welfare causes that they support.  It is also interactive as well, one can email them having any questions or request for certain pet products to be reviewed by them.  Adding onto that, if you have come up with a pet product idea, you are able to work with them and have them help you get your product idea noticed and advertised.  The blog is affiliated with Amazon as well, so you can shop for various items, not just for your pet, but for yourself too.

Web Address:

The layout of 4 The Love Of Animals consists of a header that has the title of the blog, and a subtitle that reads, “Celebrating the bonds between people and animals!”.  The header also includes cartoon animals that reinforces the lighthearted feel of the blog. The colors are the blog are very basic, neutral colors that really capture the essence of the blog.  Below the graphic, directs you to the menu you bar of the blog.  There is various directories that lead you too the home, about me page, reviews, and more.  4 The Love Of  Animals also has a right sidebar.  This side bar includes a link where you can get in touch with the authors by sending them an email, a search bar, various advertisements of what they support, and links to websites that they support.

The body of the blog is the home, and it consists of the most recent animal posts.  Each blog post has a titles, but not all of them include a picture.  Some posts also include videos as well.  Many of the pictures look like stock photos, not a lot of them have citations under the picture.  At the end of the blog posts, the author includes links for more importation pertaining to that article which I think can be helpful for users.  Also, at the end of every post the author provides the links where the article is also posted in different parts of the blog.  You can also leave comments on every post too.  The blog also contains a footer that just brings you back to the home page, and a link to a designer dog collar seller.

In my opinion, all of the blog posts are very informative and interesting.   The “About” page is somewhat useful, it gives a brief description on why the creators of the blog started it, but it does not say who they are and how many people are behind the blog.  I think the author could explain more on the “About” page.  What I think the author does well is, that they do a good job of interacting with the user.  The user can leave comments and even contact them via email.  Users can also work together with the authors and help them sell their product, which I think is good idea because it benefit both parties.  They have their contact link and search bar at the top of every page which makes it very easily accessible.  Overall, the blog is very easy to navigate and is very informative and great for first time pet owners or even upcoming entrepreneurs.  It has a very light hearted theme to it and the authors provide a lot of variety for the user.



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