Healthy Eating

At the age of 16, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, meaning my body reacts poorly when I eat gluten. Due to this disease, my small intestine is very damaged and now has trouble absorbing nutrients and digesting many foods.

I was recently put on a whole food “diet” which means all the foods I can eat are gluten free, grain free, lactose free, all natural, and have no added sugar. At first, it was horrible, but now I’ve learned different ways to flavor foods other than drowning them with dressings and condiments.

Many people have trouble sticking to a diet. To me, if you refer to it as a “diet” it sounds temporary. When people say “I’m on a diet” it’s a way they are eating temporarily for a period of time to lose weight, then they will go back to eating whatever they want. Making a lifestyle change to eat healthier is better than a diet, but also makes it easier to stick to. Change your eating habits for the better, but it is okay to occasionally eat a meal that is not necessarily healthy for you because your next meal will be healthy.

Two of my favorite foods included in my new whole foods lifestyle are eggs and sweet potatoes. I love that they can both be prepared a variety of ways and eaten for any meal. Some of my favorite snacks are trial mix (without the m&ms unfortunately), fruit, or larabars, which are easy to grab and go in a hurry! I especially love bananas and all natural peanut butter on top of plain yogurt.

One of the hardest parts about eating healthy is that healthy food is hard to take on the go and can take longer to prepare than unhealthy foods that can often be quickly made in the microwave. Meal prepping on Sunday nights has helped me to have meals and snacks that are already cooked and ready to grab and when I get home from class or work.

Although harder than eating junk all the time, healthy food can be very tasty! It may take some getting used to, but in the long run, you will feel 10 times better. Without all the junk in your system, it functions better, and you will have more energy. Eat better, feel better!



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