The Best TV Show – The Office (U.S.)

The Office (U.S.) is the American version of the far worse, The Office (U.K), which was created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. The Office (U.S.) ran on NBC for 9 seasons from 2005 to 2013. The Office is set at Dunder-Mifflin, a paper company in Scranton, PA. The show style is certainly unique. It is filmed as a parody documentary where there is a crew filming all the drama, laughs, and everything that happens in your average office space. Every so many scenes, they would cut to an employee in the conference room, in an interview type recording, and they say a quirky, or hilarious comment about what is happening. Surprisingly, a show about a documentary being filmed in an average office, makes for great television.

The Office is one of the most quotable television shows ever. From the crude humor, to the stupid comments and the snarky remarks, The Office was built to entertain. The everlasting feud between Jim Halpert, and Dwight Schrute, two salesman at Dunder-Mifflin, might just be the funniest part of the entire show. The constant bickering, and pranking between the two never gets stale. Although there were hundreds of pranks pulled, below are the top 10 pranks on The Office, according to

The best thing about The Office, aside from the pranks, is how easy it is to connect and relate to the characters, not only the main characters, but the minor characters too. You have Michael, the boss who tries way too hard to be your friend, is not very intellegent and doesn’t do his job. Dwight, the coworker who takes his job way too seriously and is constantly brown nosing the boss. Jim, who doesn’t take his job seriously enough, and is constantly messing around. Stanley, the grumpy coworker who only comes in, does their job, and leaves. Creed, the coworker that no one has any idea of what they do. Toby, the awkward human resources rep who everyone hates and sucks the life out of everything. The constant messing around, the friendships, the hatred, the office romances and the drama of the workplace makes the show that much more enjoyable to watch. The Office is, by far, the best TV show ever made. If you disagree or have never seen the show, I seriously recommend watching it on Netflix, and rethink your opinion.

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