“Enjoy life and live the Adventure”

Quote by Louis Cole

     Your twenties are the prime age for experiencing life. Whether that means traveling, finding yourself, meeting new people or trying something different, living your best life should begin now. With balancing a minimum wage job and going to school, my days off used to consist of never leaving my bedroom. You can say that my social life was pretty nonexistent. A 21 year old college student with no social life? Something wasn’t adding up. Thankfully, after limiting my online shopping addiction, the only thing that was able to add up was money! This meant that the days of watching other people live their lives (while trying to live vicariously through their Instagram posts) were over! Or at least toned down quite a bit.

     Once I turned 21 earlier this year, I knew that something had to change. I needed excitement in my life, I needed to be spontaneous and start living. I mean, life is too short to be trying to live someone else’s life. This meant that I needed to tone down on binge watching Youtube and Netflix. Although it was hard, I think what inspired me the most was seeing all these video influencers documenting their life and travels. In particular, videos of people around my age experiencing the world made me want to do the same. I stumbled upon this video and listened to her personal experience abroad. Not only did I attempt to journal because of it, I also realized there was a world out there waiting to be explored and experiences out there to help shape us as a person.

     Coincidentally after watching the video, the timing to venture out and be spontaneous came at a perfect time. My cousin jokingly told me to fly out to California to her school for both our spring break and without hesitation, I was looking for a flight out there. I don’t exactly remember looking into flights, I was just clicking buttons, entering my debit information and after purchasing tickets I stopped and couldn’t believe what I just did. I stepped back and was shocked that I actually did something crazy. I didn’t put much thought into this so it took me WEEKS to tell my mom that I was flying out to the other side of the country alone.



     Throughout this experience, I found out that there’s so much more to do than staying in all day. The people you surround yourself with changes the mood and can shape you as an individual. My experience flying across the country and getting lost definitely opened my eyes into what else is out there. Although it was just across the country, I learned that it is important to make memories and learn from every experience. I also learned I really enjoy traveling to new places and documenting my journey. Hopefully in the future I can put my videos into a montage to tell a story just like this. But in the mean time, I’ll stick to small clips on my Instagram. 

     Had I not made the rash decision to buy a plane ticket to California, I probably wouldn’t have even thought of saying yes to spending a week in New York with people I barely knew! I mean, I knew a little about them but the only thing we had in common was playing intramural volleyball for a few semesters. Again, the experiences from deciding to branch out and taking a step out made me who I am today. I focus less on what people think and realize that I honestly need to budget my money. I also learned that experiences outweigh any materialistic thing I own.  A pair of Jeffrey Campbells does not compare the least bit to memories that will last a life time. 


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